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"Being a Traveller follows from the generations. It's in our backgrounds.  I'm proud I'm a Traveller - you feel free."

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Pavee Point is a partnership of Irish Travellers and settled people working together to improve the lives of Irish Travellers through working towards social justice, solidarity, socio-economic development and human rights. 

Looking for factual information on the status of Travellers in Irish society? Read our on-line factsheets or find out about the publications we sell and give away. Our latest press releases will keep you up to date and our on-line Library offers many other resources on Travellers, as well as information on Roma, Gypsies and more.

Visit the Pavee Point Gallery for exhibitions exploring diverse aspects of Traveller culture and heritage.

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Pavee Point Travellers Centre
46 North Great Charles Street
Dublin 1, Ireland
Tel: 353 1 8780255  Fax: 353 1 8742626


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