Cór Chúil Aodha.

Founded by Seán Ó Riada in 1964.  Its original purpose was to sing at liturgical services in Cúil Aodha Church.  Shortly after its inception it started also to sing as a ‘claisceadal’ or traditional singing group which then commenced singing in public from the late sixties up to today.  Some of their first public performances were at the “Oireachtas” or Irish language Festival of traditions and songs.
In 1964, O Riada began arranging the mass for choir and organ (for congregational singing) as the Second Vatican council was ending.  This work was at the encouragement and aided by his friend an t-Athair D. O Concubhair .   Thus, a vernacular version of the Mass was read, made and sung in Cúil Aodha shortly after it became possible due to the dramatic changes wrought by that early sixties meeting of the worlds Catholic Bishops in Rome.   This Mass was first performed outside its home in Cúil Aodha when the Choir celebrated Mass in Maynooth College -  Dr Tomás Ó Fiach being the celebrant. It was later recorded in the Dominican Priory of Tallaght, Dublin.  This recording  is still available today.
After O Riada’s death on 3/10/’71 the choir came under the direction of his son Peadar who still maintains that same position today.  Many illustrious names from the world of Irish Sean Nós singing and Poetry have been associated with this choir and the choir has been frequently called upon to due duty at various occasions of historical importance.  Their performances  have been limited to the churches and halls of Ireland with the one exception of the Purcell Rooms of London, England.  They have become better known through their regular television appearances.

Cór Chúil Aodha sing the Mass every Sunday and Church Holiday in Cúil Aodha at 10:00 am.    At present they usually sing Seán Ó Riada's  'Aifreann 11' with additional new material from Peadar Ó Riada.   This new material adds a constantly growing repertoire.
If trying to book the choir for a Mass or concert performance the contact person is Cathal Ó Riada at Baile Mhic Corcoráin, Cluan Droichead, MaighCromtha, Co Chorcaighe, Ireland (353 26 44117)

The Choir always travels to Co Clare for the Willy Clancy Summer School and perform at the closing concert and at the Mass on the following Sunday morning.  This Festival is held during the beginning of July every year.
The choir performs a limited number on concerts during the year both at home and abroad.   Last years foray was to the town of Zwolle in Holland were we enjoyed a great weekend.  We  performed a concert on the Saturday evening and a church concert on the Sunday.   The Dutch were a very nice and warm audience and the choir really enjoyed that particular trip.

Here are some photo's kindly passed on by  peter dees of the occasion.

Pict 1 of Zwolle evening concert  ('04)
Pict 1 of Zwolle Church concert ('04)
pict 1 of choir in Cúil Aodha church ('04)
Pict 1 of Peadar in Cúil Aodha ('04)

"Aifreann 1"      1967
"Aifreann 2"            1976
"Go mBeannaithear Duit"    1987
"Ceol 's Cibeal"        1974
“O Riada Retrospective”    1987
“Bringing it all back home”   
“Amidst these Hills”        1992
“Winds gentle whisper”    1995