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The Force Research Unit and the murders of Pat Finucane, Gerald Slane, Terence Mc Daid, Patrick Hamill and Francisco Notorantonio

Some background on The Force Research Unit (FRU) and loyalist death squads.

Individual cases:

The Scottish Sunday Herald published a number of articles on Colonel Kerr and the activities of the FRU
Picture of Colonel Gordon Kerr
Gordon Kerr

Further FRU allegations prompt gagging orders on press

  In February 2001 the US based cryptome website published an article on the Force Research Unit. The article named a woman who is alleged to have been Brian Nelson's FRU handler. Attempts by British newspapers to report details of the allegations contained in the feature have unleashed a flood of gagging orders and threatened prosecutions by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the D-Notice committee even though the cryptome article has been in the public domain since early February. On Friday February 16 the North Belfast News (NBN) defied the MoD and published a report on the alleged FRU operative. We have put through a request to the MoD that a member of the D-notice committee contact us to confirm or deny whether the officer named was in fact a FRU operative. The MoD has issued this response to the PFC:

"in reply to fevered speculation on the internet and in newspapers about the alleged identity of Brian Nelson's former handler commonly referred to as Captain M...the Ministry of Defence will not comment on whether the name is correct or not because we firmly believe that no responsible organisation or media company would willingly wish to place at risk the life of any individual. To allege publicly that a particular individual was engaged in agent handling in Northern Ireland, whether true or not, would place that individual's life at risk and giving wider publicity to information alleged by others can only increase that risk."
    Further articles on the gagging orders:

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