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Articles On The Web 
Tuesday January 10, 2006The Guardian  
from lacanian ink 10 - Fall 1995  
or how Not to misread Lacan's formulas of sexuation 
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 118-125. 
lacanian ink 26, Fall, pp 102-117. 
Lacan dot com, Fall 
Lacan dot com, Fall 
Lacan dot com, Fall 
Lacan dot com, Fall 
In These Times, October 20. 
Some Politically Incorrect Reflections on Violence in France & Related Matters
Lacan dot com, Fall 
New Left Review 34, pp 115-131. 
LRB, August 18 
In These Times, August 11. 
Lacan dot com, Spring 
In These Times, June 19. 
The Guardian, June 4 
The Symptom 6, Spring 
In These Times, May 21. 
In These Times, April 8. 
Adbusters. March-April 
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 126-135. 
lacanian ink 24/25, Spring, pp 136-153. 
LRB, March 17 
In These Times, February 14. 
The Guardian, February 19 
Psychomedia, JEP, No 18 
In These Times, Nov.,
Le Nouvel Observateur, jeudi 11 novembre. 
LRB, December 2. 
(Or, finally some good news from Washington) 
In These Times, November 5
an interview with Joshua Delpech-Ramey 
Journal of Philosophy   Scripture, Spring.
lacanian ink 23, Spring, pp 82-99. 
LRB, November 4. 
In These Times, September 23. 
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, September 17. 
A Plea for Ethical Violence 
Umbr(a), 2004 
LRB, September 9. 
The Symptom, 5, Winter 
The Parallax View 
New Left Review 25, pp 121-134. 
LRB, June 3. 
In These Times 05/21. 
In These Times 02/27. 
In These Times 01/21. 
Foreign policy January/February. 
Frankfurter Rundschau 1/03. 
lacanian ink 21, Spring, pp 72-83. 
in Rosemarie Trockel, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, 
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln 
In These Times, March 26. 
Paranoids Reflections 
LRB, 3 April. 
interview with Eric Dean Rasmussen, 
University of Illinois at Chicago, September 29. 
In These Times, 6 June. 
Columbia University, 04/14. 
How a philosopher from Slovenia became an international star 
Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, May 5. 
LRB, May 22. 
lacanian ink 22, Fall, pp 124-139. 
Not a desire to have him, but to be like him 
LRB, 21 August. 
LRB, 20 November. 
Journal Of Ayn Rand Studies 
lacanian ink 20, Spring, pp 100-113. 
Critical Inquiry, Winter. 
The Symptom 2, Spring. 
The Real of Sexual Difference 
in Barnard, S.   Fink, B., Reading Seminar XX, New York: SUNY> 
Revolution Must Strike Twice 
LRB, 25 July. 
LRB, July 25. 
LRB, May 23. 
Diacritics 31.1 (2001) 91-104  
lacanian ink 18, Spring, pp 80-107. 
On Belief (2001). 
Rethinking Marxism, vol. 13, no. 3/4. 
lacanian ink 19, Fall, pp 82-103., September 17. 
Die Gazette, Israel, 08/27. 
Interview, Spiked, November 17. 
European Graduate School 
lacanian ink 16, Spring, pp 64-81. 
New Left Review 2, March-April, pp 37-45 
Postface: Georg Lukács as the philosopher of Leninism 
in Lukács G., A Defence of History and Class Consciousness
London: Verso. 
Lacan between Cultural Studies and Cognitivism  
Umbr(a), pp 9-32. 
lacanian ink 17, Fall, pp 78-99. 
The National Interest, Washington, Winter. 
 lecture transcript, EGS, August 1999 
lacanian ink 14, Spring, pp 26-40. 
Lunds Universitet, December 15. 
Mainview, September. 
LRB, March 18. 
Slavoj Zizek's: "The Spectre Is Still Roaming Around" 
A Conversation with Slavoj Zizek. 
Nettime, June 29. 
lacanian ink 15, Fall, pp 98-107. 
Inside the Matrix: International Symposium,  
Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, October 28 
LRB, October 28. 
New Left Review 238, Nov.-Dec., pp 26-47 
Olin Auditorium, Bard College, November 16. 
lacanian ink 12, Spring, pp 58-69 
Arkzin: Zagreb 1998 
The South Atlantic Quarterly; Durham; Spring 1998.. 
Journal of Political Ideologies, February 
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Traverses 
French version 
Risk society and its discontents 
Historical Materialism 2, pp 143-64. 
Critical Inquiry, Summer 
The South Atlantic Quaterly, Spring 
Umbr(a), 1998. 
lacanian ink 13, Fall, pp 12-25. 
Interview with Slavoj Zizek. 
The Supposed Subject Of Ideology  
Critical Quarterly, Summer, pp 39-59. 
lacanian ink 11, Fall, pp 12-25. 
Journal of European psychoanalysis, Spring-Fall. 
New Left Review 225, Sept.-Oct., pp 28-51. 
Umbr(a), pp 147-152.  
Independent Media Center, Israel. 
Re-visioning "Lacanian" social criticism: The Law   its obscene double 
Journal for the Psychoanalysis of Culture   Society 1. 
There Is No Sexual Relationship, Wagner As A Lacanian  
New German Critique, Fall, pp 7-35.  
lacanian ink 10, Fall, pp 24-39. 
interview by Geert Lovink, Inter Communication no. 14 
The Audiovisual Contract - Noise Surrounding Reality  
Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Philosophie, pp 521-533.  
interview by Josefina Ayerza, Lusitania vol.II no.4 
Kant As A Theoretician Of Vampirism  
lacanian ink 8, Spring, pp 19-34. 
P. Canning in Artforum, March, pp 84-89. 
The Inner Civilization Of Human Rights (Slovenia) And The Other Barbarism (The Rest Of The Balkans)  
Du-Die Zeitschrift der Kultur, pp 26-28. 
Hegels Logic As A Theory Of Ideology  
lacanian ink 7, Spring, pp 29-48. 
From Courtly Love to The Crying Game  
New Left Review 202, Nov.-Dec., pp 95-108. 
Ljubljana, 1993. 
Josefina Ayerza in Flash Art, March-April, pp 68-70. 
Eastern European Liberalism And Its Borderlines  
Oxford Literary Review, pp 25-44. 
The Ideological-Practical Core Of The Fundamental Operation In Hegel's Logic Of Reflection  
Filosofski Vestnik-Acta Philosophica, pp 9-25. 
Cogito And The Sexual Difference  
American Journal of Semiotics, pp 5-32. 
The Guardian, Manchester, August 28 
lacanian ink 6, Fall, pp 25-42. 
Kant - The Subject Out Of Joint  
Filozofski Vestnik-Acta Philosophica, pp 233-248. 
lacanian ink 2, Winter, pp 9-28. 
Formal Democracy And Its Discontents  
American Imago, pp 181-198. 
Grimaces of the Real, or When the Phallus Appears 
October 58, Fall, pp 44-68. 
Eastern Europe Republics Of Gilead 
New Left Review 183, Sept - Oct, pp 50-62. 
Rossellini: Woman As Symptom Of Man 
October, Fall, pp 18-44. 
Death And Sublimation: The Final Scene Of City Lights 
American Journal of Semiotics, pp 63-72. 
The Logic Of The Detective-Novel 
Pamietnik Literacki, pp 253-283. 
The Detective And The Analyst - The Shift From Detective-Story To Detective-Novel In The 1920s 
Literature and Psychology, pp 27-46. 
Excerpt from The Sublime Object of Ideology 
(London; New York: Verso, 1989), pp. 28-30. 
Looking Awry - Pornography 
October, Fall, pp 31-55.
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