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"Will FRUIT and GRAIN, ever be the same? "


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1) "Poisoned for profit?"
2) What exactly IS genetic engineering?
3) Links to other Websites about the problem of genetically engineered foods.
4) Jay's UPDATES of some developments regarding Genetically Engineered (GE) foods, with relevant press cuttings and references.
5) What foods have already been genetically altered and could be bad to eat?
6) Apple Alert ! - What Jay calls "Sellafield Syndrome "
7) Which food crops are still being experimented with & could soon become dangerous ?
8) Genetically engineered food additives and enzymes.
9) Brand names of American products containing genetically engineered ingredients, which may be imported into Europe. READ THE LABELS!
10) Alternatives you can use for foods of "uncertain origin".
11) Guidelines for safe eating.
12) Growing your own food.
13) Guidelines for eating out.
14) Harmful food additives - including GE & pesticide residues.

1) Are we all in danger of being "poisoned for profit"?

In 1990 I was advised by a doctor to go and live in a more "suitable" (i.e. cleaner) environment after being damaged by chemicals at work. After the harmful exposure, I developed all kinds of sensitivity symptoms, including asthma, eczema/dermatitis, frequent bouts of "'flu-like symptoms", laryngitis, vision disturbances, concentration difficulties and impaired muscle co-ordination. I found that I reacted to a large number substances which had not affected me much before, such as household chemicals, food additives, cigarette smoke and traffic pollution. I adopted a policy of "defensive living" to avoid the symptoms as much as possible. This meant avoiding situations where I might encounter harmful chemicals (which now means having an almost non-existent social life), and not using any food, food product or household chemical which causes me to have any reaction.

Amongst the things I have learned to avoid are the food colourant E102 (also called Tartrazine), the artificial sweetener Aspartame (Nutrasweet), hairspray, fabric softeners and shampoos ( many of which contain formaldehyde), air fresheners and commercial household-cleaning products. I have learned from experience that all these things affect me badly in one way or another. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid them; in much the same way that a child learns not to touch hot pans on the stove after they have done it once and burnt their hand!

I wondered exactly WHY an artificial product (Aspartame/Nutrasweet) would be used instead of natural sugar, because the chemical substitutes are harder & more expensive to produce - until I found out that THEY are 400 times sweeter than sugar. This means, of course, that food manufacturers can use mch LESS of these expensive subsitutes - and so make much higher profits than if they used a natural sweetener. Consumers (i.e. YOU) are being fed substances which some scientists believe are harmful - and the ONLY motive is PROFIT !


Henceforth, from Autumn 1998, this section of Jay's Forum will be used to give out some vital information on the dangers of unnatural foods - that is, foods which have been sprayed with poisonous chemicals or which have been genetically engineered with the motive of putting profit before food safety - in other words, foods which are almost certainly NOT good for you!

Now that Irish supermarket chains have started softening up their customers with glossy leaflet campaigns and T.V. advertising designed to brainwash us all into thinking that food which has been tampered with is "good & safe to eat", it is necessary for some kind of alternative campaign to combat all this dangerous propaganda. Even if you switch from foods with chemicals additives to "natural" or "organic" food for the sake of your family's health, you cannot guarantee their future safety; now that genetically engineered maize (corn), tomatoes, sugar beet and other crops are being grown in Ireland or being imported from the U.S.A.

There is NO legal requirement yet in place in The European Union for food produced from genetically engineered crops to be labelled as such in European supermarkets and other food outlets - including restaurants. These experimental foods are also used without notice in schools, prisons and hospitals (but the Ministers of the British Government have banned it from the catering premises where they work!). European legislation to control labelling is URGENTLY needed, so that consumers can have a choice to be 'experimented upon', or not!

It would make sense if everyone could find exactly WHAT they are eating, before it's too late and irreversible damage is done to the human food chain - if it hasn't already, that is. Do you know for sure that what you ate today was safe and you will suffer no harmful effects from it in the future? So far, nobody (including the scientist who created that food) knows........

........so, here are a few brief notes on foods ....... study them carefully!

Jay's Forum is NOT going to waste space at present challenging the fatuous and vague statements of the supermarkets. Read them for yourself (in prss reports and the supermarkets' own leaflets) and see how uncertain they are of their facts. Judge for yourself if they are lying or not! Compare them with the 'creatively inventive' and baseless justifications of the use of animal derivatives in cattle feed, as made by the British Government before the BSE scandal finally broke (You will remember that ONLY AFTER quite a few people had died from CJD over SEVERAL YEARS were the dangers of the infected meat finally officially admitted!).

In the meantime, faced with yet MORE uncertainty over food safety, try switching to foods you KNOW to be safe. Use organic produce or grow your own.

2) Do you wonder "What exactly IS 'genetic engineering'?

It involves scientists tampering in a laboratory with the INTERNAL CELL STRUCTURE of a plant by adding genes or DNA components which are not "natural" to that plant. Once this has been done, the modification is passed on through the seeds to ALL other plants deriving from the modified ones. In other words, the internal genetic "pattern" of the modified plant has been changed FOR EVER

There are already more than 30,000 food products which contain UNSAFE ingredients (i.e. ingredients which are not tested enough for anyone to be certain they have no side-effects). Some foods from genetically engineered crops are already known to have caused allergies, illness and death in humans.

So, why do the big companies carry on with developing them? Just to make money and to create a power-base from which to dictate what the world eats!

WARNING: Food products from genetically engineered crops have ALREADY been sold in shops, supermarkets and restaurants with NO warning labelling for several years now. It's time for YOU to start reading food labels VERY CAREFULLY. Start "voting with your wallet" before it's too late; and before natural, safe food becomes only available to the very rich!

Decent, wholesome food is the right of every human being - and of every animal. Cattle are natural vegetarians, they should NEVER have been fed on the ground-up carcases of their own kind. Nature took its revenge by mutating DNA and creating BSE & CJD, which then became a disease killing people as well as cattle.

Who knows what will happen now that mankind is tampering with DNA out of an insatiable greed for higher profits? Feeding vegetarian cattle on animal derivatives was only tampering with the food-chain from OUTSIDE, and the effects can be (slowly) reversed by reverting to former safe farming practices. Tampering with DNA involves INTERNAL cell structures, which - once altered - will NOT be able to be reversed. Many scientists are becoming increasingly worried about the 'Doomsday Scenario' genetically engineered foods could create - with basic foodstuffs becoming dangerous, GE (Genetically Engineered) foods could wipe out the human race, instead of being a solution to feed starving & undernourished world populations. A betrter solution would be to stop waging war worldwide - because the money spent on wars would feed the world's starving people about four times over!


H.R.H. Prince Charles of Great Britain has been a champion of worldwide ecological conservation and of organic food production since long before these became "fashionable" concerns. His is a voice of sanity in a world gone mad! On his personal website, you will find a very interesting section called The Prince's Forum, where he hosts a public Internet debate on the problems of Genetically Engineered Foods. Contributions to H.R.H.'s Forum include interesting comments from commercial farmers who've tried growing the new 'wonder' foods and run into problems, as well as input from the 'anti-GM Foods' brigade who are trying to control the development of the new technology lest irreversible and harmful changes are made to the world's food supply without proper supervision.

Use this underlined link to go to The Prince's Forum, where H.R.H. Prince Charles hosts an on-line debate on GM Foods - http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/
The website of Genetic Concern Ireland can be found at: http://www.vibrantplanet.com/geneticconcern/
For a really informative website on the dangers of genetically-modified foods, with lots of useful links to other sites - go to Mothers for Natural Law using this underlined link.

4) JAY'S UPDATED NOTES on Genetically Modified (GM) Foods :

January 1999. At Christmastime 1998, I noticed that some broccoli bought before the holiday, which had got put at the back of the refrigerator, had not started to turn yellow by the time it was rediscovered in the first week of January. I immediately stopped buying broccoli from the local supermarkets. When I asked a local market-stall holder who sells fresh vegetables if he could sell me some organic broccoli, he said that he had noticed his new supplies were staying green longer. He suspected that the broccoli had been irradiated, and he was honest enough not to sell me any of it! He's promised to try and find some unadulterated supplies - until then, I won't be buying any more broccoli.

Some imported strawberries I bought in February 1999 were firm, bright and tasted of nothing in particular. Presumably, they had either been grown with genetic modification, or irradiated (both of which can affect flavours). In future, I won't be buying strawberies except in season, and only from the farmers who actually bring them from their own fields in Wexford to our local outdoor town market. Those fresh strawberries from a known source are an absolute delight - so who needs to eat dubious strawberries out of season, and spoil the anticipation of the yearly arrival of the real thing!

NOW (March 1999) the major supermarkets' T.V. advertisements are featuring "special offers" on broccoli - I wonder how many discerning customers have stopped buying it, leaving them with big stocks they cannot sell! Could it be that, now a lot of the broccoli being sold in Ireland doesn't appear to turn yellow any more after a week, it is being irradiated or has it been genetically engineered and imported to Europe from the USA?

April 1999 - Jay has noted no significant developments in media reports, due to illness. However, now (May 1999) Jay notes that the use in America of the bovine growth hormone rBGH made by the Chemical Company Monsanto (which causes health problems in cattle and is believed by some scientists to be capable of causing cancer in humans) is sparking a potential "trade war" between the U.S.A. and the E.U., since this substance is banned in Europe and the European nations do not wish to import American beef containing it. We in Europe still remember the "BSE in beef" fiasco, when animals died in agony and their disease was passed on to human meat eaters - despite the assurances of the government and most scientists that to eat beef was safe!

June 1999 Jay usually reads all labels carefully before buying any food, but recently was in a huge rush and bought some frozen food items manufactured by the"BIRD'S EYE" companywithout doing so. Unfortunately, one they were brought home, they were found to be clearly labelled " *contains genetically modified soya". THAT'S ONE MORE BRAND NAME OFF HER SHOPPING LIST IN FUTURE!

Stwawberry season mmmmm!! The anticipation of past months has been well worth it. The first strawberries from Wexford growers have arrived in Tipperary and are DELICIOUS! Their flavour is far superior to the possibly irradiated (?) imported strawberries Jay purchased from a supermarket in February. We must just hope the Irish ones weren't grown from GM seeds!! All power to the Wexford Growers Association for a superb seasonal product. It's such a shame they are finding problems recruiting enough pickers to keep their unique branch of agriculture going. As senior students are on holidays in June, how's about a summer job picking strawberies and thus "doing your bit" for the environment and the preservation of "real fruit" ?


SEE ALSO SECTION 14 on rBGH (use this button to go there direct)


Charity warns of back door GM food threat The Express Newspaper, May 10, 1999.


"GM food companies will target Third World countries after being rebuffed in the West, a charity claimed last night. The switch in focus by firms such as Monsanto will damage the livelihoods of millions of small farmers worldwide, says Christian Aid. Now the charity is calling for a five-year moratorium on genetically modified foods. In a hard-hitting report called "Selling Suicide", published today (10 May 1999), it says control of the world's food system is in too few hands. Even if Britain bans GM crops they will still enter the food chain via underdeveloped countries, it is alleged. Intense consumer pressure has meant that no major food manufacturer or supermarket in the UK now wants to use GM ingredients; but that will not matter if biotech firms turn to countries like Brazil, India and Ethiopia, who already export vast quantities of soya and maize, says the report. Co-author Dulce Maltez said: "If GM crops are forced upon them, then the food we import from them will be GM. Like it or not, labelled or not, the food in our supermarket trolleys will be genetically modified." Analysts predict that in the next five years more GM crops will be grown in developing countries than elsewhere. A third of UK soya used in most of our processed foods - comes from Brazil. Currently it is GM-free, but the Christian Aid report claims that illegal plantings of GM crops have been seen in Brazil. Monsanto, one of the world's leading biotech firms, denied it had changed strategy and said they would not be stepping up efforts to target the developing world. But the Christian Aid report claims that biotechnology could destroy the livelihoods of millions of Third World farmers. Its top concern is the "terminator" seed, a sterile seed developed by GM companies which means a farmer always has to buy his crop from a GM company. The report says: "Seedsaving is so fundamental to Indian rural society that any threat to its practice is a threat to the society itself."


GENETIC FOOD WATCH "Daily Mail" Newspaper, Wednesday, 12th. May, 1999.

By SEAN POULTER Consumer Affairs Correspondent.

"The future of organic farming in Britain will be threatened by 'Frankenstein Food' crops, admits a damning study now in the hands of Ministers. A secret report says cross-contamination would be inevitable and insists the industry will have to accept a certain level of pollution if the commercial growing of genetically modified crops is allowed to go ahead. Organic farmers were in uproar last night at the suggestion in the Government-commissioned study and vowed to fight it tooth and nail. The implication for their livelihoods is so serious that officials from the Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment are to hold an emergency meeting with their leaders at the end of this week. But Ministers faced demands to live up to their promises to protect and promote this increasingly Important form of agriculture. Organic farmers said the public buy their produce precisely because it is supposed to be untainted - and would be outraged at being told there could be 'acceptable' levels of contamination. The report was compiled by scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, Europe's leading academic establishment examining GM foods and regarded by the organic lobby as one of the chief advocates of the new technology. It accepts the premise that pollen from GM crops will be spread huge distances by the wind and insects. This is the first official recognition that an earlier study by the National Pollen Research Unit on the threat of GM pollen and seeds contaminating organic farms many miles away was correct. Official GM crop trials have been set up on the basis that the pollen could travel around 200 yards -but the reality is that it can be carried up to nine miles by bees and up to 100 miles on the wind. The report, Organic Farming and Gene Transfer from Genetically Modified Crops, examined whether proposed 'buffer zones' could prevent contamination. But it makes clear that up to one in 100 organic plants in any field could become GM hybrids because of the pollen spread. And it concludes that since 'neither source of contamination, either pollen or seed, can be entirely eliminated, acceptable levels have to be decided on'. Organic food is defined as being pesticide and additive free while any kind of genetic engineering is banned by the body which regulates the sector - the Soil Association. Its director Patrick Holden said last night: 'We are implacably opposed to any suggestion of a minimum level of contamination.' He said that Tony Blair and his Ministers had made clear publicly that they supported the rights of consumers to eat non-GM food and the right of farmers to produce it. 'In my view when consumers say they want non-GM food, they don't mean food contaminated up to a threshold of 1 per cent, 2 per cent or 5 per cent, they mean GM-free,' said Mr Holden. 'As far as we are concerned the Government's responsibility is to uphold that right of choice. This is a fundamental choice of democracy. He warned: 'If the Government wants to go back on its promises then It has a fight on its hands, not just with the Soil Association but with the overwhelming majority of the public who are outraged at the introduction of this technology without consultation.' The Soil Association believes that a six-mile gap between GM and organic crops is the very minimum barrier necessary to prevent contamination. The Ministry of Agriculture last night confirmed the existence of a draft form of the report and said it was now being studied in White-hail. The full report was due at the end of May, said a spokesman. 'Officials will be meeting representatives of organic farmers and associations at the end of this week to discuss this and other related issues,' she added. She insisted that the Government was keen to see the organic sector flourish, adding: 'We remain committed to supporting organic farming and enabling consumer choice.' The report's findings threaten to open a schism at the heart of the (British) Government over its handling of the GM issue."

Professor Mae Wan-Ho Department of Biology, Open University, UK.

"Genetic engineering bypasses conventional breeding by using artificially constructed parasitic genetic elements, including viruses, as vectors to carry and smuggle genes into cells. Once inside cells, these vectors slot themselves into the host genome. The insertion of foreign genes into the host genome has long been known to have many harmful and fatal effects including cancer of the organism."





Since 1997, those foods and products made from them have been distributed throughout the world from the U.S.A. & Canada. They have NOT been labelled as having been genetically engineered, so you have NO way of knowing what you are eating is safe! The BEST way to be safe is to eat the above vegetables and products made from them ONLY if they are certified as being "Organically Grown". Even if you decide to "grow your own" for safety's sake, you MUST use seed which has NOT been genetically engineered either. Time to revive Grandpa's gardening skills, handed down through the generations, before the growing of wholesome food and saving NATURAL seeds becomes a lost art!


1) MAIZE (called Maize in U.S.A. and Corn in Europe).

Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: In laboratories, maize (corn) has been genetically altered, using a virus and with DNA from a bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis, so that it will tolerate high doses of a pesticide called glufosinate. Bacillus thurengenieses (bt) is used as a pesticide. It kills pests by dissolving their stomach. Maize has been given the bt gene so that it produces its own bt and therefore effectively does not need pesticides. (Though 40% of Bt cotton grown last year still needed additional sprays, so maize might still need to be sprayed with additional chemicals). Genetically engineered maize ( called "bt maize" or "bt corn") has also had OTHER genes added to it which make it able to tolorate the pesticide glufosinate , is available from the giant chemical company Monsanto.The maize has a gene left-over which makes the organism able to withstand ampicillan antibiotic. If this gene is taken up by disease bearing organisms in the human body, those organisms would also become immune to ampicillan - in other words,antibiotics now used to control disease and infection in human beings and animals will not work any more.

Food products derived from genetically engineered MAIZE (CORN)

LIQUIDS - corn oil, corn syrup, fructose corn syrup, fructose, glucose syrup.

Corn oil is used in the commercial baking of pastry, biscuits and cakes.The other liquids listed are used as sweeteners in canned fruits, canned and bottled still and "fizzy" drinks, fruit drinks and fruit squashes (cordials), fruit pie fillings, yoghurts, fromage frais and confectionery,

SOLIDS - corn starch (= cornflour), 'thickening', maize starch, corn meal (= corn 'grits', polenta), baking soda, 'corn flakes', corn snacks

These are found in breakfast cereals, infant formulas (baby milk), baby foods, diet shakes, protein drinks, protein and chocolate bars, margerine, ice cream, snack chips (= potato crisps), pet foods, nearly all commercially baked goods, pizza, cakes, cookies (= biscuits), meat fillers (e.g.in Big Macs and other burgers), gravy mixes, sauce mixes, packet & canned soups.

2) SOYA (SOY BEANS), called NAVY BEANS in U.S.A.

Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: Soya beans are genetically engineered and have their internal DNA-altered by using bacteria in commericial labratories. This is done by the giant chemical conglomerate Monsanto, who have rendered genetically engineered (biotech) soya so that it is capable of tolerating heavy doses of a chemical pesticide called glufosinate. The commercial brand-name of this weedkiller is Roundup and it is made by (guess who!) Monsanto. GE (genetically engineered) SOYA is tolorant to a different herbicide called glyphosate - not glufosinate.

Food products made from genetically engineered SOYA.

LIQUIDS - Soy sauce, soya milk

SOLIDS - Soya beans, tofu, Lecithin, tofu, tofu burgers & other products containing tofu

These are found in baked beans, vegetarian meat substitutes (as tofu), Oriental foods (especially Chinese food), tofu burgers & other products containing tofu, soya milk as a milk substitute for people, children and infants who are allergic to cow's milk.


Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: It has its DNA altered and genetically engineered by using an Arab Idopisis bacterium, together with the addisiton of components from several viruses. This was done to make Cotton Seed able to withstand large quantities of a commercial pesticide called Bromoxynil. Independent research has shown that Bromoxynil causes birth defects in humans i.e. that it causes deformed animal and human babies. GE COTTON is available in various forms, including glyphosate-resistant. Most commonly the alteration is to make the cotton produce BT . GE Maize has been given the bt gene so that it produces its own BT and therefore effectively does not need pesticides, but 40% of BT cotton grown last year still needed additional chemical sprays.

Food products made from genetically engineered Cotton Seed Oil:

LIQUIDS - cooking oils used in the home and in commercial bakeries in biscuits, cakes, breads etc.


Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: The crop which produces Canola Oil is genetically engineered by adding to it genes from a vegetable called the California Bay Turnip, and also by adding components from several viruses and bacteria. This is done so that the cop produces a much higher content of lauric acid. This acid is also called dodecanoic acid. It is a crystalline fatty acid, and is used in the manufacture of soap, synthetic resins and insecticides.

Food products made from Canola Oil:

LIQUIDS - Canola oil used in sauces & salad dressings, e.g. Kraft brand salad dressings (especially "LOW FAT" or LOW CHOLESTEROL" types).


Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: Potatoes are genetically engineered with DNA from an insect called the Wax Moth, and with the DNA of a bacillus called Thuringiensis. This means that the potatoes seeded from the altered ones can, in effect, produce their own internal pesticide. Of course, once the pesticide is 'inside' ALL the potatoes which are grown, then if it proves harmful to humans or mutates in any other way, ALL potatoes will be useless as food. Humans will then have created a 'repeat' of the Irish Potato Famine on a massive, world-wide scale; and it will be irreversible this time!

SOLIDS - Potateoes cooked at home and food products made from potatoes:

Oven chips, frozen chips, potatoe waffles, 'take-away' chips, potato crisps (called "chips" in America), canned and packet soups (especially larger amounts in "Scotch Broth"), canned meat stew, "Cornish Pasties", potato dumplings ( in Germanic & Nordic countries), potato pancakes (in Ireland "Boxty Pancakes"), potato bread, potato scones.

LIQUIDS - Vodka (?)

[Well, at least if you're going to die from GE foods, you might as well enjoy yourself whilst you expire!]



Q: How is this crop tampered with?

A: In laboratories, tomatoes have been genetically engineered by adding to their interna cell structure genes derived from bacteria which are resistant to Kanamycin, and with 'Antisense' ('backwards' i.e. reversed) DNA. They have also had antibiotic marker genes added to them, and DNA cells from fish (Yes! I said FISH !!), specifically the Flounder and also varieties of North American Shellfish. The marker genes are put there to make future genetic engineering easier, and the 'fish' genes supposedly make the tomatoes keep fresher for longer. Research has already shown that 'genetech' tomatoes can cause allergies and auto-immune disease in susceptible humans.

SOLIDS - Food products made from Tomatoes.

Canned tomatoes, tomato paste, spaghetti sauces, packeted and canned tomato soups, the sauce in 'baked beans', tomato ketchup, tomato relish, tomato chutney, pizza toppings, lasagne


Some crops of this tropical fruit have already been genetically engineered, to keep them fresher for longer.

SOLIDS - Food products made from, or containing Papaya.

Canned & packeted fruit pie fillings ("tropical" flavours), confectionery &snack bars (candy bars), breakfast cereals & especially "tropical" varieties of muesli whcih have dried papaya.

LIQUIDS - Papaya juice, "tropical" fruit juice blends, fruit teas (tissanes)


Some apples are being genetically engineered so that we can avoid the 'inconvenience (!) of them going brown when sliced. Apples are also being irradiated to keep them "fresh" longer (even though this destroys flavour and vitamins!)

SOLIDS - Apples in commercially baked pies, apples in 'mixed fruit' jams (called 'jelly' in the USA), dried apples in muesli and other breakfast cereals, apple puree used in biscuits (cookies) and cakes, baby foods

LIQUIDS - Apple juice, fruit juice blands, fruit squashes/cordials, fruit teas, cider


(i.e. "If the general public find out something is dangerous, a government or industry will just change its name and/or stated origins.")

1) Quotation from an article entitled " Big Issues in Small Loaves" by Joanna Blythman in "COUNTRY LIVING" magazine, April 1997 :-- "Some of the 3,000 proposed gene foods include apples that don't brown when peeled, and fast-growing salmon".

2) Quotation from The Daily Mail newspaper, October 1st. 1998 :- "THE APPLE SLICES THAT WON'T GO BROWN - the age-old problem (sic!) of how to stop peeled apples from going brown has been solved. An edible film that coats and protects slices of fruit from being exposed to the air has been developed by scientists. What turns apples brown is an enzyme called polyphenoloxidase. The new coating, made from vegetable gums, clings to the enzyme and stops the reaction, while keeping the fruit alive and healthy. .... a scientist said 'Children often find a whole apple or orange too large, or hard to peel'. .......shoppers in Australia can already buy four varieties of ready-sliced apples......... "

Jay comments (December 1998): "This is obviously a ploy to get the public to accept genetically engineered apples under a different guise/excuse. To eat an apple, it is peeled, sliced and eaten right away, OR else the skin is washed and the apple is eaten direct by biting into it, so exactly WHY apples going brown is suddenly a problem for the human race after thousands of years is not very clear !!!! A browned apple slice is not dangerous to health, whereas a slice from a genetically engineered apple probably IS a potential danger to health.

What this issue is actually all about, is that apples go brown when they begin to go bad, so to engineer an apple which doesn't go brown enables them to be stored for much longer and sold as "fresh" even when they're NOT. In other words, this issue of "non-browning" apples is all to do with maximising profits for the middle-men and retailers by coercing the farmers to grow unnatural fruit; and about getting the buying public to accept apples which do not go brown as "natural" (when obviously they are not)!

The Daily Mail's article above is also a warning that oranges have obviously been added to the list of 3000 or more foods whose genes are being tampered with to force extra profits from humanity's obvious need to eat. (Nowhere does the article say that oranges go brown, so what the problem with them is is not clear either!)

What exactly is meant in the latter article by "keeping the fruit alive and healthy" ? The minute any fruit is picked from its tree, it cannot be said to be part of a living organism, so its obviously 'dead' anyway! Decay is a natural process, so a plucked fruit cannot be called "unhealthy". The only "unhealthy" aspect for humans or animals is the eating of excessively decayed fruit, or from eating genetically modified fruit which has not been proven over at least two human generations as being safe to eat.

Since the unhealthy effects of eating genetically engineered fruit are not yet researched, I'll take my chances with a bruised or browned apple over a "genetech" one any day. After all, my ancestors have been eating natural apples for over 5000 years with no apparent ill effects! (Apart from the biblical Adam, that is!)

As for the excuse implied in the above article published in the press that Australian kids are too namby-pamby to peel their own apples or oranges, are we to additionally assume that they are also too timid or too daft to ask an adult to do this for them? If I were Australian, I would strongly object to the scientists' apparent slur upon my nation !

And as to children only being able to eat part of an apple or orange - from my experience, the usual problem with children is persuading them NOT to eat ALL the fruit in the house the minute it is purchased & carried home!


a) If you do have a child which won't eat a whole apple - eat the rest yourself, it will do you good!

b) If you really cannot bear to see a browned apple slice when making apple pies and other dessert dishes, just slice apples into a small bowl of water which has had a small amount of lemon juice added to it. This stops them going brown, and is quick and easy to do!

c) If you want to keep apple slices for future use, shake the excess water & lemon juice mix off by draining them in a colander, then lay them seperately on small trays and freeze them. When they are frozen hard, take them out of the freezer, dislodge the slices from the trays and pack into clean bags before returning them to your freezer for storage. They won't go brown and you can use them straight from the freezer - no problem!

To make apple pies or other deserts, use the frozen slices with some CANE sugar .......

........ that is, until the scientists start genetically engineering sugar-cane as well as sugar-beet. THEN, for your health's sake, only use HONEY, as genetically engineering a bee is (hopefully) much more unlikely!



SO - those crops and food made from them will be ones to consider not using SOON!

They will likely be arriving in shops and supermarkets from the beginning of 1999 onwards. Look out for them! (Note Jay's comments on broccoli in section 4) above).


AMYLASE - used in making bread, flour, whole wheat flour, cereals, starch, glucose syrup, cider, wine, beer etc.

YEAST - some yeasts have been geneticallyengineered. If you make your own bread, beer or wine, make sure the yeast you use is a completely natural one.

CATALASE - used in making soft drinks, egg whites, liquid whey

LACTASE - sweetcorn is Lactase Maize, so it is in canned sweetcorn and in corn chips, also in anything made from corn e.g. polenta, cornbread, tortillas, tacos, corn chips

9) Brand names of products known to contain ingredients from genetically engineered crops and/or harmful additives.

Some of these products from America are already sold in Europe.

Coca Cola (contains corn syrup from genetically engineered soy beans and/or Aspartame, a sweetener which is banned in some parts of the USA.*)

Fritos (made from genetically engineered corn),

Green Giant Harvest Burgers (made from genetically engineered soya),

McDonald's French Fries (made from genetically engineered potatoes),

Nestle's chocolates (made from genetically engineered soya),

Karo Corn Syrup (made from genetically engineered corn),

NutraSweet (Aspartame), [ * This stuff gives me a headache - literally! 'Jay']

Kraft Salad Dressings (made from genetically engineered canola oil),

Fleishmann's margarine (made from genetically engineered soya),

Similac Infant Formula (made from genetically engineered soya)

Land o' Lakes butter (milk from cows treated with rBGH artificial bovine growth hormone),

Cabot Creamery Butter (milk from cows treated with rBGH artificial bovine growth hormone).


So far (May 1999) rBGH growth hormone is not allowed to be used on cattle in Europe, so dairy products from European cows should not pose a risk - YET!


FOODS WHICH CAN BE UNSAFE * according to undependent research ALTERNATIVES WHICH SHOULD BE SAFE as they are unlikely to have been "got at"


CORN FLOUR (CORN STARCH) made from American maize crops ARROWROOT makes an alternative thickener. You can also use a home-made paste called a flour "roux" to thicken sauces, soups etc. Consult a good Cookery Book for details!
SUGAR made from genetically engineered Sugar Beet SUGAR labelled as CANE SUGAR (although this may be genetically altered soon, so be careful!) HONEY is a safe alternative sweetener - so far! Hney not made directly from any crop, but by bees. (But they could feed on GM crops in future, so this could be a problem soon).
SOYA BEANS in baked beans, soya milk, tofu, soya oil SOYA BEANS or NAVY BEANS guaranteed by a Health Food Store as coming from a "safe" resource. NOTE: GM foods are now to be planted in India, The Middle East and Brazil after the arguments agains planting them in Europe!

Alternatives to use instead of SOY BEANS are CHICK PEAS, MUNG BEANS, ADUKI BEANS, FAVA (Egyptian) BEANS


A much as possible, try to eat food which you know is safe. Read labels carefully. Seek out suppliers of genuine organic foods. Be prepared to buy vegetables and fruit which don't look glamourous, but taste nicer! Accept some wastage from decayed fruits and vegetables, and be prepared to wash off the earth. Buy a vegetable brush! Use a big freezer and freeze vegetables, fruits and home-prepared dishes to make more economical use of the food available. By mostly eating things which are "in season" you should avoid paying high prices fopr imported foods.


If you "grow your Own", use certified organic seeds from safe stock. Use non-chemical, natural pesticides if possible. Use "companion planting" to keep pests off your food crops. Invest in a good gardening book and/.or join a gardening club. If you have a relative of the previous generation who has vital knowledge about grtowing food passed on from your ancestors - tape-record or write down their wisdom before it gets lost forever! Learn how to save and preserve seeds from your crops.


Some good restaurants and hotels are prepared to serve only organic foods. If they are comitted to this, they will be prepared to state their food policy in writing on their menus & elswhere. If you cannot find a good place to eat healthy food, then stay at home! Form a "dining club" with a group of friends, and enjoy a meal - say once a fortnight, or once a month. Eat in different homes on a "rota" basis, with different people providing the starter, sweet course, main course, wine etc. and the host household co-ordinating the meal.



The giant chemical company Monsanto make and distribute a genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH). This is injected into dairy cows to create an increased milk production. This unnatural practise also causes the animals to suffer terribly with mastitis (painful inflammation of their udders). Because of this, they need continuous high doses of antibiotics and need vetinary supervision all the time. The milk from these unfortunate cows, even when they are on medication, contains high levels of pus.

This milk also contains residual rBGH, so this artificial growth hormone is passed on to humans when they drink the milk or use dairy products made from it. This hormone increases the risk of cancer in human beings.


This is an artificial sweetener, known generically as Phenylalinine, which is made from a genetically engineered enzyme, plus three chemicals. It is also called NutraSweet or Equal. As it is 200 times sweeter than naturally produced sugar, it costs the food producers far less to sweeten their products, because they need to use less. So, the profit margin of the food producers is increased, and the manufacturers of the sweetener (Monsanto again!) make big profits too!

When absorbed into the human body in food or drink, Aspartame breaks down into formaldehyde, a chemical which is known to cause several harmful effects to health (including cancer).


This is a genetically engineered rennet, which is used to make cheese from milk. Any cheese which is not guaranteed to be "organic" is likely to have been made using Chymosin or something similar.

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