The Shannon is the longest river in Ireland and in the British Isles. There is no commercial traffic and you don't need any form of licence to travel by boat. If that idea scares the first-time user then don't let it! All the hire fleets take time to tutor visitors to the river on the basics of boat handling. While they don't cover everything the general rule of thumb is "take it gently".

In 1994 the Erne link to the Shannon was reopened after 120 years of decay and abandonment. It has been transformed into a truly modern waterway, now giving a total of 400 kilometres of beautiful waters to travel.

This is the launching pad for you to have a trial cruise on the Shannon to see if you want to do it in reality! Clicking on one of the maps (or the heading below if that doesn't work) will bring you to an enlarged version of the map. This will contain more references to places on the Shannon. If you click on one of these (or the headings) you will get information and photographs relating to that place.

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