Action Research Network Ireland


Action Research and the Politics of Educational Knowledge.

The Arts and Social Sciences Building, Trinity College Dublin

27 - 28 November 1998

Friday evening:



Coffee and registration.


Welcome by the Vice-Provost, TCD Welcome by Sheelagh Drudy, President of ESAI.


Keynote speakers:

Kathleen Lynch, University College Dublin,
Emancipatory research and social change

Michael Schratz, University of Innsbruck,
Towards an architecture of learning.

Jack Whitehead, University of Bath,
Developing Research-based Professionalism through living educational theories.


Prof. Valentine Rice, TCD

Format of evening:

Length of papers: 20 minutes per speaker, with ten minutes question and answer (30 minutes each), followed by five minutes for each response from three respondents, then open to general discussion


Bernadette English. Diarmuid Leonard. Sarah Cantillon.
Respondents will give critical analysis of how the keynote papers addressed current issues.


Closing remarks and orientation for Saturday.
Sheelagh Drudy.




Welcome, overview and invitation to maintain reflective diary.
Elizabeth Oldham, TCD.

9.45a.m. -12.15p.m



Session One:

Wkshp 1:

Action Research and Multiple Intelligences.
A. Fleischmann and A. Fitzgibbon. Chair: Joan Hanafin.

Wkshp 2:

Rethinking Nursing Knowledge through Action Research.
S. 0Halloran and A. Higgins.
Chair: Seamus Cowman.

Wkshp 3:

Communications and Teamwork: An Action Research Approach to organisational development in industry.
S. Cook, L. Bolger, M. Judge.
Chair: Peter McKenna.

Wkshp 4:

Empowerment and Facilitation: Action Research in Education and Training.
A. O'Keefe and D. Condron.
Chair: Gerry McNamara.

Wskhp 5:

The Potential of Technology to Support Action Research.
M. Farren, J. Whitehead, E. Tweedy.
Chair: Elizabeth Oldham.

** Coffee **


Session Two:

Wkshp 1.

School based practice
C. Lillis and S. Farrell.
Chair: Jean McNiff.

Wkshp 2:

The Potential of Technology to Support Action Research.
M. Farren, J. Whitehead, E. Tweedy.
Chair: Elizabeth Oldham.

Wkshp 3:

Problematic issues in Action Research.
J. Deegan and A. Rath.
Chair: Peter Mc Kenna.

Wkshp 4:

Teacher education and the power of dance.
T. O'Doherty, M. Cronin and S. Hogan. Chair: Diarmuid Leonard.


Panel discussion.
Invitation to share insights from reflective diary with colleagues.
Overview of issues arising from symposium.
Panel: keynote speakers.
Response: Sarah Cantillon
Chair: Jean McNiff

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