Iubhaile 2000 Jubilee

Mater tres Admirabilis

We have invited Mary to make this a place of her special activity parallel with the Little Chapel of Schoenstatt, in the Rhine Valley. Here on 18th October 1914 a group of young people and their priest asked Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother to make the little Chapel her shrine, a place of grace and pilgrimage.
There are a number of such shrines throughout the world now, but for those who cannot travel in person we have erected this shrine on the InterNet with some of the features of the first shrine including the picture of Our Mother thrice Admirible (MTA).

You are invited to click on the chapel to enter.

We would like to invite all Schoenstatters of the world to join in renewing the crowning of our dear Mother Thrice Admirable,Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, as our Father did in October 1946 in Weesen, Switzerland, proclaiming her Queen of the Universe and asking her to make a Covenant of Love with all peoples of the world, especially with their political leaders. In this come October, it will be 55 years since this crowning, and the world is going through difficult moments. Couldn't we renew this crowning on October 18, when in all Shrines of the world Holy Masses are celebrated, and tell her: Accept the title Queen of the World, and let us glow with ardent love for you

World Wide Web of Adoration
You are Pilgrim Number to visit this Schoenstatt Cybershrine.

Fáilte - Croeso - Bem-vindo - Benvenuto - Bienvenido - Bienvenue - Benvingut - Tervetuloa - Välkommen - Velkommen - Welcome - Welkom - Willkommen

Established 12th September 1996 - Holy Name of Mary

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