Síocháin in Éirinn
Peace in Ireland

Guí ar son na síochána in Éirinn uile agus sonas dár muintir.

Glóir don Athair, agus don Mhac, agus don Spiorad Naomh

Prayer for Peace

Loving Father,
Your will is that we should all be of one mind in this land;
God of Peace, bless Ireland and bless those countries where there is civil strife,
Where neighbour rises up against neighbour,
Where familiar streets become battlefields
And familiar people the casualities.

Change the hearts of all
Who think that their cause is more important than another person's life;
Change the politics of those on either side which create, condone or extend the conflict;
And by the power of the cross
Help all who have been sinned against to forgive
That peace may come
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Amen. Prayer for Peace said daily by former Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds as printed in Fr. Brian's Page, Sunday World.

United Prayer Initiative - a two-year round the clock chain of prayer.
"The prayer of the rightous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16)
The Three Prayer Objectives:
  • That God would bring about such a spiritual revival in Ireland that multitudes of people would be drawn into a personal knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and into a joyful obedience to his word.
  • That our sectarian attitudes and actions and actions would be changed and there would be mutual respect among Christians of all traditions.
  • That a fair and just politivcal settlement be implimented in Northern Ireland.
  • God grant us peace.
    Help me to be a peacemaker.
    Put into my mouth words of peace.
    And lead us to our only hope.
    The Prince of Peace,
    Who by his cross
    Has broken down all divisions
    Between those who follow him.

    More details about this initiative from:

    The home site of Two Billion Voices for Peace, a world historical record for people willing to include their name for peace. Names have been received from 42 countries around the world.

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    Dáta: 24/6/96; Athraithe: 14/5/98