Illinois State Senate Welcomes Reeltime

Members of the popular Irish band Reeltime spent St. Patrick's day at the Illinois Capital building in Springfield. They were special guests of Senator Larry Bomke [R-Springfield], who announced their presence on the Senate floor. The members of Reeltime who were seated in the Senate Gallery, were asked to stand and received a standing ovation from the 59 members of the Illinois State Senate. Reeltime also met personally with several other senators including Sen. Denny Jacobs [D-east Moline], Sen. Laura Kent Donahue [R-Quincy], Sen. Tom Walsh [R-Westchester], and Sen. Ricky Hendon [D-Chicago].

Springfield Lobbyist Margaret Vaughn took the band on a tour of the Statehouse which included a visit to the Governor's Office and a picture taking session at the Speaker's podium on the House floor. Reeltime were Relaxing in Springfield following a performance the night before at the Sangamon Auditorium which drew a great crowd and received an excellent review in the Springfield state Journal - Register.

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