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You might be thinking about getting involved in Motorsport, but how do I start? It costs lots of money to buy a car. And run it. Why not start out as a Marshal? Its practically free, its lots of fun. And you learn all about Motorsport from the Tarmac up.

Just about every weekend here in Ireland a Rally or some other form of Motorsport is taking place. Clubs are always looking for Marshals for these events. In fact Marshals are the most important officials at any Motorsport event, no Motorsport  event can run without Marshals.

So how do you get started? Well try clicking on our Clubs link to see if there is a Motor Club near you, most Clubs meet on a regular basis, and also advertise for Marshals on local radio and papers when they need help. Don't worry if you don't know anyone at the start, as its a great way to make new friends.

Do I need any special skills? Well not really, just lots of enthusiasm, Training is provided by Clubs before events, Motorsport Ireland regularly hold Training nights round Ireland for Marshals, and all first time Marshals are placed with more experienced crew so they can learn from them. And pickup tips on howto manage spectators. Well go on then!! join a Club and get involved in the exciting world of Motorsport today.

There's lots more tips here at Revs, so feel free to explore our site, its full of information for Marshals, including a bit about GMMC and our Crew..And as you can see we've got lots and lots of pictures, sounds, screensavers and lots more. See you out there!


Marshals Day 2008 13th Jan

Well the great day is nearly here again, will you be the Star in a outrageously fast Rallycar? at Mondello on Jan 13th

Don't Just watch! Give a Hand

Byrnes Northern Champ Win

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    Tynagh Mondello 07

Pilbeam MP45 Rover V8

    Galway Life Mike Melia

In a historic win Frank Byrnes has become the first Irish man to win the Northern Ireland Hillclimb Championship. Frank just missed out on a chance to pull off the double, and claim the Irish crown as well. But a slight off in Donegal interrupted a timed run and dashing any chance of the double. Congratulations Frank from all at GMMC.

Summer Rally Clare Rally
Ballyallaban Clare Video


Revs Screensaver is packed with pictures from Irish Motorsport. So now you won't have to look at the old boring floating windows. Just install ours! updated regularly.

Ballyallaban Video Crew
Archive Marshals Day


Basso Brothers


Read the almost true story of these Italian Mega Stars

Think Safety

Mad for Tar!!


Start your Windows with the sound of a WRC blasting out of the speakers. Warning ears plugs required


September 26, 2007 16:55

  Mad for Tar!


Booze Cruise


Don't Just Watch




Hey Bud!

At first glance you'd be forgiven if you though Marshals are now getting bottles of Bud in their lunch packs. but the person pictured left is not a Marshal, its a worker/builder wearing a reflective jacked at one of the junctions at the Clare Rally. As you can see on the right proper Marshal Tabards are a bright orange, some of the Marshals at the event had the yellow type Tabard. And the problem with this is; locals living on or near the Stages could find it hard to properly identify the Real Marshals from people wearing yellow builders jackets. All it would need is for one person to ring and complain that they saw Marshals drinking alcohol at a rally. As far as they are concerned the person wearing the yellow jacket and holding a bottle of Bud is a Marshal. This would put Marshals everywhere under a very finite microscope. And no amount of explaining may convince the complainant otherwise. So isn't it about time Motorsport Ireland called on all of the Clubs to ensure all Marshal Tabards are the bright orange one's, and that the yellow Tabards now being used be banned from rallies.

Traditional Tabard

Give a Hand!

Wrong Trousers

Spot the real Marshal?


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Marshals Training & Information Nights


County Venue Date Time    
  Roscommon Abbey Hotel Roscommon Jan 21st 2008 7:30pm    
  Macroom  Castle Hotel February 7th 8:00pm    
  Monaghan Hillgrove Hotel March 27th 8:00pm    
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