Century of Endeavour

A Father and Son Overview of the 20th Century

Dr Roy H W Johnston

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Introduction: an Overview of the Century

Decade by Decade:

  • Chapter 1: 1900s: Joe Johnston's early background
  • Chapter 2: 1910s: Oxford, TCD, 1916 etc
  • Chapter 3: 1920s: Co-operative crusading, family pressures...
  • Chapter 4: 1930s: slump, economic war....
  • Chapter 5:
  • Chapter 6: 1950s: economic critiques; politics at two levels...
  • Chapter 7:
  • Chapter 8: 1970s: Last Days of JJ; RJ as science critic...
  • Chapter 9: 1980s: the innovation process...
  • Chapter 10: 1990s: politics and the Internet...

Conclusion: Reflections on the Century

Theme Threads (each spanning several decades):



Published and unpublished JJ sources and RJ sources; there is also an overview index of the RJ log books which cover the period from January 1968 to June 2003.

Source material relating to the republican politicising attempt which commenced in the 1960s and was aborted subsequent to the 1969 crisis.

We give also an index of the hypertext files which are accessed from the Notes and References; these are mostly intermediate between the sources and text of the book, but some are actual sources.

Although Anthony Coughlan has contributed material and advice to this site, it remains primarily my own personal record. I am indebted to him for access to the Greaves and Wolfe Tone Society archives; my abstracts from these sources however are incomplete and episodic; they relate primarily to my own narrative, and it should not be assumed that the judgements I make with regard to them are necessarily shared by him. Anyone interested in exploring further any episodes where Anthony Coughlan is mentioned should contact him at 24 Crawford Avenue, Dublin 9 (Tel: 00-353-1-8305792) as well as the author.

I am also indebted to Anthony Coughlan for some post-publication material, including his 2004 note on the 1970 Blatherwick Memorandum (which relates to 1960s politics), and his 1991 Obituary Essay on C Desmond Greaves.

Some navigational notes:

The foregoing gives an initial listing of the works covered in this hypertext work. In any of the modules, a highlighted word on its own brings up a related piece of text. If the word is accompanied by a number, it brings up a footnote or a reference in a related reference-page. In most browsers, if you click on the 'Back' button, it will bring to to the point of departure in the document from which you came.

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