Other (non-Irish) Organ Resources on the Web

Festivals & Events


Accademia Organistica Campana
Homepage for this Naples-based institution, with a useful directory of Italian organists and general information of happenings in the area.
American Guild of Organists
Home page for the AGO; also has links to various chapters of that organisation.
Associacao Portuguesa Amigos do Orgao (APAO)
Homepage for the Portuguese Association of Organ Friends.
Homepage of the British Institute of Organ Studies.
Estonian Organ Society
Homepage for this organisation.
Foundation for the Preservation of Dutch Organs
Homepage for this organisation, with a lot of interesting information.
Incorporated Association of Organists
Homepage for this organisation.
International Organ Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and preservation of the pipe organ in all its forms.
Organs in Flanders Association
Homepage for this organisation. Plenty of info. on Flemish organs, organists and general goings-on; useful links to some other organ stuff too.
Royal Canadian College of Organists
Home page for this organisation.
Royal School of Church Music
Home page for the RSCM; general information about this organisation, and some interesting local links.Includes also an online catalogue of RSCM publications.
Stichting Groningen Orgelland
Dutch foundation related to organs and organ-playing.

Builders of Pipe Organs

Yahoo's List of organ builders
Yahoo's list in the category Economy:Companies:Music:Instruments:Organs



Other Links

Stephen Bicknell's Homepage
Organ historian, designer and consultant.
The Christchurch Town Hall Rieger Organ
Homepage for the Rieger organ in Christchurch, New Zealand.
The Classical Midi Organ Stop
Collection of Midi files of organ pieces.
The Diapason
Homepage for this publication.
KJ's Organ Page
Kerr Jamieson is a librarian at University of Glasgow, and an organ enthusiast; he has compiled a list of various organ-related resources on the Web.
Listing of links to organ resources in the UK
The Organ
Website of the quarterly publication.
The Organs of Magdeburg Cathedral
Maintained by Barry Jordan, this page has much information about the Cathedral itself and the historic organs it houses.
Organ pictures
A page of nice organ pictures (or even pictures of nice organs!).
Organ specifications
An FTP archive of organ specifications.
A German meeting-point for organists and organ lovers. Still largely in building.
ORGUE et Compagnie
A French organ page; mostly French-language, with a few pages in English.
Home page for a mailing list contributed to by organists, organ builders and general enthusiasts (mostly American). Also, quite a few links to other organ resources. The list is pretty high-volume . . . a lot of lines to download every day!
Swedish Pipe Organs on the Net!
What it says, and features a very comprehensive list of links to other pipe organ and choral sites.
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