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The Organ of St Patrick's Church, Monkstown, Dublin

Notes prepared by Derek Verso for BIOS conference held in Maynooth, July 1991

The builder of this organ is unknown, but Derek Verso surmises that it might have been John White, or possibly John White bought it from a French builder (Calaillé-Coll?). The action is mechanical throughout; the manuals each have 56 notes and the pedal 30.

The author is unclear whether the specification below represents the organ before or after Derek Verso's work, but suspects that this is the original stoplist.

Original builder unknown
Refurbished and restored by Derek Verso

Pedal Great Swell (enclosed)
Sub bass 16 Gedackt 16 Flute traversiere 8
Open flute 8 Open diapason 8 Gamba 8
Rohr flote 8 Voix celestes 8
Salicional 8 Flute harmonique 4
Principal 4 Cornopean 8
Swell to pedal Twelfth 2 2/3
Great to pedal Fifteenth 2 Swell to great

Unusual features of this instrument include:

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