Model Management Systems

Model Management Systems, are available for Promtpacs

Services - 14 major services sectors
Sports and Event management
Leisure and Amenity Management

These are the world's first packages of generic documentation which enabled manufacturers to meet the requirements of ISO 9000/ISO 14000 and the Health and Safety Regulations.

Written by Brian Rothery and based ion his best-selling ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 books, they supply the generic documentation and prompts for the company specific information needed for achieving certification to these two ISO management standards.

They are available on diskette as follows:

Model Management System for Manufacturers

Model Management System for Services Companies (with examples of 14 different service sector codes of practice)

Model Management System for Sports and Event Management Companies (with examples of the management control requirements of all the major sports and events). This system is aimed at sports clubs, federations and event organisers.

Model Management System for Leisure and Amenity Management Companies services Companies. This system addresses the control requirements of ski resorts, venture centres, sports stadiums and grounds, amusement parks, fitness centres, golf clubs, social clubs, support groups, hotel and holiday centres, fairs, concerts and festivals, parks and playgrounds.

The diskettes are on diskette in Word, unless otherwise arranged. The price of each diskette is 68 or $95. To order (click)

They are available in two formats :

1. Published by Gower/Ashgate in beautifully boxed sets of manuals from Ashgate in the US ( and Gower in the UK. They are also available from most good business bookshops. (The EMS in the published version is based on BS 7750, the model for ISO 14000).

2. On diskette in Word (updated for ISO 14000). See Promtpacs.

These have now been expanded to cover print and packaging, and other sectors. See Printpac in the Promtpacs, and Chempac can be converted into food processing issues for food and drinks manufacturers.


Having written the world's first books on standards in manufacturing, Brian Rothery turned his attention to services and his latest book to be published early in 1997 is 'Standards in the Services industry'.

Meanwhile, the BRL team went on to produce a series of packages, beginning with one for a retail store, for a range of sectors in the services industry. See these in Promtpacs.