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Kevin Coen remembered in his native Sligo

THE annual Kevin Coen was held on Sunday January 26, in Sooey, Sligo.  In attendance were the Coen and McGoldrick families. Chairman was Con Darcy. Kevin Love laid a wreath and the main oration was delivered by Joe O'Neill, Bundoran.

Declan Curneen read the 1916 Proclamation and Séamus McGowan said a decade of the Rosary.

A wreath was laid on the grave of Seán McGoldrick by his son Éamonn. Kevin and Seán were great friends.

Joe O'Neill said Kevin Coen did not turn his back on the principal of the 1916 Proclamation. He gave his life for the freedom of his country and looked the enemy in the eye.  His courage can not be questioned. Kevin believed there could not be peace in Ireland until England got out. In Tone’s words “Break the connection with England”.

“We can not say what Kevin and all the brave men and women who gave their lives for Irish Freedom would do today if they were alive, but I can say without contradiction they gave their lives for Irish Freedom, I would venture to say if they were told that they were giving their lives for the return of Stormont and English rule in Ireland, they would not have given their lives.

“Nobody should give their lives for a lie — Adams and McGuinness have sold out to the return of Stormont and English rule — sold out the principle of Tone, 1916, 1919 and 1921. They have sold the principal of the Republic.

“They are worse than Collins, Griffin, Cosgrove, DeValera and Goulding, all put together. Adams and McGuinness are worse and have done more damage to the Republican Movement. No more than those Traitors before, who tried to break the movement,  they did not succeed.

“Adams, McGuinness and company will not succeed because truth can never be broken even now it is hanging on by a thread, and that thread will weave itself again into a full garment.

“We have seen the harassment of Republicans by the Free State forces in Limerick.  Eight men are up in court — the Special Criminal Court in Dublin where Robert Emmet was tried and convicted two hundred years ago and they are still holding trials on Republicans in the same court to this very day.

“Civil Rights have been denied to the eight men in the Special Court under bail conditions, which states they cannot take part in any political work of Republican Sinn Féin. That condition of bail would not be tolerated behind the Iron Curtain, in its day, but yet it is tolerated in the courts here.  We in Republican Sinn Féin believe in true peace with justice and are the only political organisation in the 32 Counties that has a Political Policy for the Island of all Ireland.

“Kevin Coen and good friend Seán McGoldrick believed in ÉIRE NUA, they believed in the truth. Republican Sinn Féin policy is the Truth.

This is what Kevin Coen believed and died for,” Joe O’Neill concluded.

Kevin Coen was murdered by British Crown Forces in January 1974 in Fermanagh.


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