Today our class went to the computer room again. We went there to do a thing called video-conferencing. We linked up with another school through a computer. We saw the children and they saw us. We sang a song for them and they did a small play in Irish. Then we sang another called "All Through the Night". Then the other school did two songs. They are from Coolderry in County Offaly. It is in the middle of the country, and it is a much smaller school than us. Then we did some poems and sang "You can go but be back soon". We told them about rugby league in our school. They could see our school kit. We asked them what their school was like. The principal of that school is Mr. Bates. They told us that they play hurling and they won the World Cup. They showed us an American moose called TLC Moosie. It is a furry toy that pupils bring home with them.

Donna Lambe, 4th Class


I was on television today, and I was talking. I was talking to another school in County Offaly. I was talking about rugby league. I play on the school team. We sang songs for them and they sang songs for us. Their teacher's name was Mr. Bates. He sounded nice. We asked them questions and they asked us questions. They were lovely at singing and good at Irish too.

Denise Lee, 4th Class

Our conferencing was wonderful. We told stories about how the Normans lived. Then we showed them a castle we had made. We showed shields and helmets we made. We could see them and they could see us. They sang songs and told us about themselves and their families. Their teacher was Mr. Bates. They have a little school in the middle of the countryside.

Laura Barry, 5th Class


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We got through the internet to Coolderry, County Offaly. Mr. O'Leary got us in touch. A girl sang a song. She had a beautiful voice. A boy played the tin whistle. Then we sang two songs. They were "Song Song Blue" and "Dublin Can be Heaven". We were talking to them about the Normans. We showed them our Norman castle. We said goodbye and they said goodbye, and then we went back to our class and did English.

Angela Freeman, 5th Class

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To be continued

Note: As a Broadcom Classroom of the Future school, we are fortunate to have been given video-conferencing equipment and an ISDN line for high speed internet access. This hardware facilitates a combined visual / audio link between schools who have similar equipment. The children greatly enjoy performing for, and talking with, pupils from other schools. A number of pupils who have keypals in these schools have been enabled to meet and converse with their friend in this way.