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        1. Smoking

Dangers and effects of smoking: bad breath, addiction, cravings, heart disease, lung cancer, yellow teeth wrinkles, financial costs.

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"Avoiding drugs is a skill to be learnt just the skill of crossing the road..."

        2. Alcohol

Four drinking styles: non-drinker, social drinker, problem drinker, alcoholic.

Respect another's right to say no. How to say NO. The power of advertisements.       

" Educating a young person before they are offered drugs helps them make an informed choice."


          3. Legal and Illegal Drugs

Medical drugs; the safe use of drugs; life-enhancing drugs. Use vs Misuse. Addiction.

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"We believe in encouraging positive peer pressure and support for each other in saying no."

        4. Assertiveness

My Rights. Positive and negative feelings. Normal feelings. Hobbies and boredom.

            Role-play: saying no to peer pressure. Choices and decisions.

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            "Have respect for each other."

        5. Choices

 Saying NO: body language.

 Positive lifeline. Consequences of drug-taking.

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            "We learn from each other to create a healthier community for the future."

        6. Evaluation

Review, clarifications, follow up sessions.

Presentation of certificates.