Photo Gallery


Friends in high places!

Former Minister for Education and Science, Mr. Micheál Martin, receives some friendly advice from pupils of the school in relation to future strategies and policy direction for Irish education!
President of Ireland Mary McAleese discusses the finer points of constitutional matters with pupils of the school at Áras an Úachtaráin (Presidential Residence), Dublin.
The gift of reading is a gift for life. Here, pupils from fourth class visit the school library. In case you're wondering, we do also have chairs!
Wimbledon, here we come! One of the most popular locations in the school is the hall. Pupils wear the school tracksuit for all sporting activities here.
Using computers is serious stuff! Pupils at work in the school's computer room. All pupils come here at least once a week, but have additional opportunities for computer-based activities in their classroom.
What's Cooking? All sixth pupils get the chance to learn basic cookery skills. Parents help out with this very popular activity. Favourite recipes include: apple tart, pizza, lasagne, buns and biscuits.

Typical Pupils: Only joking! Three third class children dress up. Dracula, Bones and the Boxer pose for a photograph. What lovely smiles!

Has anyone seen the playground? No this is not Ireland's largest lake. (That's Lough Neagh.) Our playground is submerged due to unusually heavy rain in early November.

Has anyone seen the opposition? Our all-conquering girls' Gaelic football team, the first team in the history of the school to win at Croke Park. Team coach Ms. Mooney is at the back, far left.
Everywhere you look - whales! Fifth class pupils show off Millenium, an Orca whale all the way from Washington State, USA, stopping off in Ireland on his way around the world. If there's anything you want to know about whales, just let us know!
Music Maestro! Here, pupils from fourth class perform some Irish music for our St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

 Move your mouse over the image below to see some dancing. Do it quickly to get an idea of what it's really like!

Dance, Dance, Dance! Also, for St. Patrick's Day, pupils performed a number of traditional Irish dances in the hall. Lots of parents came to give their support, and everyone had a great time.