Why a school web site...?

There are three main reasons for this web site:


A "window" into the school:

We want to present for visitors a picture of our school, in text and images, and a flavour of what we do and why we do it. There is a large amount of information regarding our use of ICTs, but visitors will also find information relating to art and crafts, music, sports, international links and drug awareness, to name but a few.

A forum for publishing pupils' work:

Children can derive considerable satisfaction from seeing their work published on a global stage. The work they do, in all sorts of areas, from creative writing to clay modelling can now be viewed from anywhere in the world. We are always delighted to receive messages from visitors, whether they live down the road or on the far side of the world.

To provide advice and ideas to other schools relating to ICTs usage:

As a Microsoft/Siemens "Centre of Excellence", an INTO Magnet School, and a member of the Schools Integration Project "Classroom of the Future", we are used to receiving visitors to our school, and are always happy to pass on what we have learnt over the years since our first experimentation with ICTs. We hope that the projects, ideas and information published on this site may encourage and assist other teachers who may be striving to develop ICTs in their own school.

We are proud to have been one of the first Irish primary schools to develop an Internet presence, and this site is regularly updated and developed, to keep it as vibrant and as relevant as possible. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that you will call again.....