Our Poems

We had a poetry week in school. Here are ten of our poems. 

"Some are funny, some are sad, we hope you think they're not too bad!"

Please read them and let us know your favourite, and if there's anything in particular you liked about it.

 We hope you enjoy reading our work.

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My Teacher

I like my teacher very much,
She is very good to me,
She helps me with my work and play
In a very special way.
She is always there to help me learn,
Reading, writing and right from wrong.
And sometimes when we're very good,
We sing for her a happy song.

By Ann Marie, aged 9


I started school when I was four,
And now it's something I adore.
I wasn't sure at the start,
But now I love it with all my heart.

I've learned so much - like to read and write,
And I do my homework every night.
There are so many things for me to do,
Like Irish, English and Maths too.

But my favourite subject has to be Geography or History,
Now I'm in sixth class I'm feeling down
Because primary school will be over
When next June comes around.

But I have to remember
When it comes to an end,
That I've done so many things
And made lots of friends.

By Emma, aged 11


Cats are different, not the same,
They can be very wild or tame.
They can be shaded or torbie,
They can be slender or cobby.
From Persian to Siamese,
Tabby to Burmese,
Cats are different, not the same.

They can be ginger, black, cream or blue,
They can be chocolate or a lilac hue,
Cats are cute, especially kittens,
They chew your laces or even your mittens.
They play games every day,
In a kitten's world it's play, play, play.

But for their mother, it's sleep for now,
And listen to the kittens' sweet miaow.

By Grace, aged 11

Here Comes Christmas

Here comes Christmas, it's on the way,
I can't wait until the Day.
A few more months, A few more days,
Till Father Christmas comes my way.
My mother will stuff the turkey,
And then she'll glaze the ham,
My brother wants a train set,
And my sister wants a pram.
I want a big surprise,
Sitting under the tree,
To come down Christmas morning,
And know it's just for me.

By Gemma, aged 11

 The Scourge

Life goes on all around,
In the country and in the towns.
But life is not like it used to be,
There's hash, heroin and ecstasy.
Drugs, they really are a scourge,
You have to have them when you get the urge.
You watch your children growing up,
But must we watch them banging up?
Mothers cry and fathers rage,
But it does not help them turn the page.
The drugs have them in their grasp,
With no future, just the past.
They rob, they cheat,
They cry, they lie,
But in the end they all just die.

By Ann-Marie, aged 11

The Dentist

I hate the dentist very much,
The plastic gloves, I hate the touch.
The fearful chair, his frowning stare,
His metal tools are hard to bear.
And if his hands weren't down my throat,
I'd yell and roar and scream and shout.
He drills and rips away my teeth,
I'll never eat another sweet.

By Kim, aged 11


Hallowe'en night is a spooky night,
A night for trick-or-treat,
On a very cold night with sparkling lights,
A group of children meet.
All dressed up in costumes galore,
The fireworks start with a mighty roar.
White, pink, purple and blue,
What a sight for me and you,
The burning fires light up the sky,
And make us wonder what might fly by.

By Stacey, aged 10


My Little Sister

I have a little sister, she is only two,
I love her very much, and I know that you would too.
She has big blue eyes and lovely blonde hair,
She loves to sleep in her baby chair.
She loves to eat her dinner, and mess it all about,
Then she gives Mum a great big smile - 
So she won't even shout!

By Éireann, aged 10



You always had a happy face,
Your laughter filled the air,
You brought us all such happiness,
Your death just was not fair.
Louise, we hope you're happy now,
Now you have gone back home,
And though that home is not with us,
We know you're not alone.

By Sarah, aged 10


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