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The Company

     Scorpion Computer Services was founded in the mid eighties by Walter O'Brien - then and now known by his Net or Hacker name of "The Scorpion". It was a company based on the fact that the Scorpion had a natural affinity for understanding the logic behind the early machines and the fact that he was in the right place at the right time, just like Bill Gates. From the age of eleven the Scorpion painstakingly taught himself all there was to know about the fledgeling computer industry in Ireland. By the age of thirteen he had proved himself as a competent programmer with excellent communication abilities . By fourteen, diagnosed as child prodigy and using the revenue generated from contracting IT support to local companies (investments & insurance), he managed to fund his own research into Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and Robotics. By sixteen the customer base had swelled, his research was noted by Hitachi for fifth generation computers and he had a full prospectus for tutoring courses in all the major software applications in use at the time.

    Today the company involves over fifty administrators, accountants, suppliers and legal staff and one hundred and fifty of the worlds best consultants in every major field of computing (Networks, Hardware, Storage, Encryption, Security, Robotics, Space Exploration, Fighter Jet Systems, Atomic Engineering, Stock Control, Accountancy, Databases, Virtual Reality, Localisation, Military Ops, Missile Guidance Systems, Autonomous Vehicles (Tanks) etc.). Today, Scorpion Computer Services operates as an extension of it's founder's expertise, it provides services from repairing a child's old 8086 PC or Home computer Joystick to consulting to the largest computer companies, banks and government agencies in the world. The Scorpion's bandwidth is almost infinite (See I.A. Philosophy) which allows him to keep his feet very much on the ground and be personally involved to some degree in every single project.
Qualifications/Background Contact Details
    The Scorpion still had no formal qualifications and until he was old enough to enter University he convinced customers of his abilities through his reputation and customer support. The Scorpion is proud of the fact that the company has remained "Super Busy" for a decade, never having advertised once. The publicity included in this site is public reporting based on noteworthy feats achieved by the Scorpion. In order to secure his position within the industry and build upon his reputation he competed in the country's national programming championships (Winsconsin International Computer Problem Solving Competition) for three years and ranked first place in his country each year. Then in 1993 he took the opportunity to represent Ireland in the World Olympics in computer problems solving at speed and compete with 1800 contestants from 250 countries. The Olympiad was held in Mendoza, Argentina. He is currently ranked 6th fastest programmer in the World. His comment after the event was simply "I had just wished to know where I stand, and now I do". The competition was gruelling with five problems such as coding a game of solitaire where you play against the machine, all five had to be finished within three hours, leaving forty minutes for each task. Day two of the competition stepped up the heat with the contestants being asked to code an Air Traffic control system for Canada within three hours! Walter went on to join the COGS institution in Sussex University at Brighton and achieve Honours degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. While there he had a few good ideas. Walter's current contact details:
California Branch
Scorpion Computer Services
3640 S. Sepulveda Blvd,
Suite 2-332,
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone: 310 4887556
Fax: 419 7107461
Email: scorpion@iol.ie

Ireland Headquarters
Scorpion Computer Services
Rep. of Ireland

For more information on our founder please read the experience sections of the online Resume and recent Press Coverage

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