Our school is a midsized country school. It has one hundred and sixty four pupils. It is a mixed school. It is yellowish coloured and has two mahogany doors at each end. It has a football field, a basketball court, sheds, grassy playing areas, a concrete yard and a large garden. It has six classrooms, toilets, a staff room, a big hall a TV room, a library and an art room. A prefab was added 5 years ago and we built a very modern two class extension in 2006. We have a shop where Mrs Heeney, our secretary, sells pencils, pens, copies and other school things. There are eight teachers in our school. Mr Short, Principal, Ms Kevina Goss (LSRT), Deputy Principal, Miss Sinéad Mc Cabe (3rd and 4th), Health and Safety, Mrs Una Begley (4th and 5th), Miss Caitríona Gallanagh (Sen Infs and 1st), Miss Vicki Mc Ardle (Jun. Infs.), Miss Claire Mc Cann (1st and 2nd) and Miss Tina Sheridan (LSRT). We have 4 special needs assistants, Irene Mc Gahon, Briege Casey and Karen Rafferty and Sinéad Gartlan. Our caretaker is Billy Clarke and out cleaner is Margaret Mc Namee. We study many subjects at our school. We study Maths, Irish, Religion, English, Geography, History, Science, SPHE, Art, Music, Computer Studies, P.E. and Drama. We have fashions shows in Irish during the year. We also do sports like Gaelic Football, Basketball, Swimming, and Rounders. The school itself has a lot of facilities. When our term for swimming comes to a close we play rounders instead. A couple years ago we planted 60 native trees in the grounds, one per family. They were blessed on 1st Feb, St. Brigid's Day (our local saint) and each family was given a certificate. We have six IMacs, 2 emacs, 2 G4 iBook and 10 PC s around the school. At the moment we are working on a computer programme called "The Crystal Rainforest". We all think the Internet is an excellent way of learning. At Christmas we have a special service. We also write our own songs and plays and we perform them in front of the school. In Summer, if the weather is good, we have a Sports Day. We do all sorts of races like sprints, three legged races, egg and spoon races, and many more. We also go on school tours in Summer. We go to different parts of the country and some times we sleep over night in an inn or a hostel.


The school is surrounded by farm land. There is little or no rubbish or pollution in the area. There is plenty of open space around the school. There are trees, plants and flowers. The nearest town is Dundalk which is 3km away. There is plenty of wild life in the area and it is a lovely place to live in. Some farmers grow crops like potatoes, wheat, barley and corn. Other farmers just deal in cattle. There are many horses. Many farmers in the area go to work in local towns such as Dundalk, Drogheda and Newry. We have a community centre where people have meetings and organise things for the community. We do many sports including bowling in Roche Community Hall. We also have a Gaelic football team who are excellent. Sometimes we have cakesales and tea-mornings.and we have a jumble sale every year around Christmas. We have a Strewberry Fair every year in Fatima. Life is pretty good around here.


For hundreds of years, before wireless (radio) and television, story telling was very popular and to this day Irish Folk Tales and fables are still loved by both young and old. Poetry was and still is very popular among Irish people. Famous people such as W.B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heeney have won Nobel prizes for Literature and Sean Mc Bride won a Nobel prize for Peace. Other great Irish writers were James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh, who comes from this area and Sean O Casey. There are many great writers in the Irish language also. Peadar O Doirnín, Art Mac Cumhaigh and Séamus Dall Mac Cuarta were all native to this area. Some people like traditional music and some people like pop music. Linkin Park, Destinys Child, Eminem, Jay Lo, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue have brought us great music. Popular musical instruments are the piano, the guitar, the harp, the tin whistle, the fiddle, the mandolin and the accordian. The Irish language is also of great importance. Even though Irish is not spoken fluently all over Ireland, it is widely spoken in Donegal, Connemara, Kerry and parts of Cork and Waterford. This area is known as the Gaeltacht. It is spoken daily through work and play even though English is the other language spoken. The Gealtacht is a place you go to during the Summer holidays to speak nothing but Irish. The Irish are truely proud of their language. Why don't you check out our Irish Language Lesson.

In Ireland a lot of people are interested in Gaelic football and Hurling. In Northern Ireland and along the East coast (where we live) we are also interested in English and European soccer. Irish football supporters always have a good time even if we win or lose. Rubgy is also a popular sport and Basketball as well. Golf in Ireland is very common. People say it relaxes you. In the Midlands and in the South West of Ireland horse-breeding is a big industry. Where we live there are a lot of people with show-jumping horses. People say that the Irish produce the best horses and the best jockeys. Guinness is a traditional Irish drink. This is the same Guinness as The Guinness Book Records. It was first published in October 1955. The 22nd issue (The 1975 edition) reached a staggering 23,950,000 in book sales.

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