Bill Clinton visits Dundalk


On Tuesday the 12th, December, Bill Clinton came on a visit to Ireland. He landed at half past eight that morning. With his family Hillary and their daughter Chelsea they were welcomed by the welcoming committee at Dublin Airport. They stayed in Dublin for a few hours, visiting the Guinness Hop Store and a pub called Fagan's then started to make their way to Dundalk. They arrived in Dundalk at around nine o clock that night. The crowds went wild when he arrived. The chairman of Dundalk Council, Pierce O Hanrahan, presented Bill Clinton with a bronze sculpture made by local artist Sandra Bell who lives beside our school. During Bill Clinton's speech he mentioned two of our ex-pupils, Joe Lennon, Irish Government Press Secretary and Ava Berkery who works in the American Embassy and helped organise the President's visit to Dundalk. After his speech he was treated to his favourite Irish song Danny Boy sung by Brian Kennedy. When that was over he enjoyed the great display of fireworks then he came down and shook lots of hands. When that was over he said his final farewell to the crowds and left for Belfast.

While the crowds where waiting a few funny incidents happened for example people where singing "We want Bill, we want Bill" and "Give me a reason why I'm freezing!". Also during the presentation Pierce O Hanrahan called Bill Clinton's wife Hillary, "President Hillary".

Bill, Chelsea and Bertie in Dundalk
Courtesy of Irish Times

Talking to the people of Dundalk
Courtesy of Irish Times