Kilcurry Cures

We carried out a survey to find our what cures are still used in the area where we live. Cures were used long before doctors were common. The ones we found are listed in alphabetical order.


Athletes foot; Put your foot in boiling black tea .


Bugs; If you gather nettles in the Spring and make nettle soup it will keep away all bugs.

Boil; If you have a boil on your body put a hot water and bread poltice on it.

Blackheads and Boil; Curl up under a bramble bush.

Baldness; Mix lily roots and tar and massage into scalp.

Baldness; Rub urine on your scalp.

Burn; Apply cowdung.


Cough; If you get a cough get a red flannel and put it around your chest and it helps the cough.

Cold; If you have a cold get a lemon and hot water and put the lemon into the hot water and drink it 3 times a day and eat the skin of the lemon.

Corns; Tie a piece of thread around it tigthly and leave it till it falls off.

Cracked Skin; Rub butter onto the cracked skin.

Cough; Cut the the top hair off a donkey and eat it!

Chest cold; Put mustard on brown paper and put on chest.

Cut; Get a bowl of hot water and put salt in it. Pour on the cut.

Coldsore; Put a tea bag on it.


Eyesores; If you have a bad eye get a wet teabag and put it on your eye also put sliced cucumber on your eyes if they are sore or tired.


Gumache; Luke warm water, mix in salt and gargle.


Headache; If you have a bad headache get a scarf or tie and put it around your head and pull tightly.

Hiccups; Drink on the other side of glass.

Headache; Stand on your head for 30 seconds.

Hiccups; Give the person a shock or hold your breath for 1 minute.

Headache; If you have a headache get a damp cloth and put lemon juice on it and put it on your head.

Headache; Find a little moss growing on a skull. Dry well and use as snuff.

Hiccups; Hold your breath for 20 seconds, drink out of the wrong side of the glass and fiddle with your earlobes.


Jellyfish sting; If you get stug by a jellyfish get someone to get hot water and pour it on it.

Jellyfish sting; Urinate on it.

Mumps; Wear donkey winkers and run around the pig shed four times.

Mumps; Hang a horse's collar in the shed and then walk under it.

Mumps; Tie the winkers of a donkey on you and go into a pig sty and shout, "Leicne, leicne s'chugat na mucna, mucna, mucna s'chugat na leicne!"


Ringworm; Got to a man he and he will give you a green liquid.


Sty in eye; Bathe eye in black tea.

Sore finger joints; massage the knuckle joint.

Sty in eye; If you have a sty in your eye get a thorn and prick it.

Sty; You can put a fastiung spit on your eye and it will kill it.

Shingles; Go to a man in Blackrock he will give you a container of wet mud.

Sty; Bless your eye with a lady's wedding ring nine times.

Sore Throat; Fry salt on a pan put the salt in a sock and put it round your neck.

Sty; Get a black thorn off a blackthorn bush and point it three times at your eye.

Sty; Pick a thorn from a gooseberry bush and point them at your eye.


Toothache; Rub a nail on your tooth and nail it into a tree.

Toothache; Suck a piece of white bread.


Ulcer; Make the sign of the cross on the ulcer and say a prayer.

Upset stomach; Put a red hot poker into milk and drink it.


Wart; If you have a bad wart get holy water, heat it and put it on your wart.

Whooping cough; Home made bread and jam.

Warts; Kill a snail and then smear it on the wart.

Wart; Get a snail and make it crawl over the wart.

Whooping cough; If someone marries a person with the same surname they will have the cure for whooping cough. They can give you sugar and say prayers and it may go away.


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