The Perfect Essay!

Hi! You have just clicked in to the write a Perfect Essay page. If you have a good imagination this page should be easy for you to follow. So lets get cracking. To write a good essay you should use your imagination and put a lot of thought in to it. Take your time and plan out your essay before you start writing.

Essay Plan

Title of story:
Story idea:

It's up to you to decide how many paragraphs there will be in your story. Here's a simple example of how a story might be organised in paragraphs [the number of paragraphs is in brackets].

The Story

The setting [1/2]
Introduce characters [2]
Pose the problem [1/2]
Unsuccessful attempt to over come problem [1/2]
Introduce new characters [1/2]
Climax, the problem is over come [2/3]
Ending [1]

Good luck

by Sarah Mc Shane & Michelle Kirk.

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