Teenage Fashion {for Girls}

Most teenage girls in Ireland are very fussy about what they wear. There are a lot of new fashions coming out such colours as pink, grey or blue. There is a new fashion out; skirt and a pair of trousers joined together. Other popular colours out are black and white. Big heels and boots are the new thing out now with any colour of trousers and hipsters. Track suits are still in fashion. Girls also wear combats, belly tops and bellbottoms. Girls also wear sports runners such as Fila Reebok Umbro and Puma they also like to wear jeans and even J-J's. Some girl wear peaked caps. Some times they wear combats. Girls hair fashion usally is wearing there hair in twists.This years shoe fashion is sandals and platforms. Girls also wear pedalpushers with sleeveless tops.


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Teenage fashion {for Boys}

Boys in Ireland wear jeans and sports wear jumpers. They sometimes wear a track suit just the same as the girls in Ireland. Very often in Ireland you would see a boy wearing a shirt or a t-shirt. Boys also wear combats, cords denom jackets or jumpers, army wear, caps and boots. The runners they wear are usualy Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Fila and Puma. Sometimes they wear combats.

By Louise Coburn

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