Local History

The first people in Ireland arrived about 4,000 B.C. Legend says these people were a magical people and now live under ground. They buried their important people under great stones monuments with 3 tall standing stones, twice as tall as a man, holding up a massive cap stone, 50 tons in weight.

Cu Chulainn is a great Irish legendary warrior. His father is supposed to have lived in a great earth mound overlooking Dundalk, with a tunnel to the centre of the mound. Cu Chulainn was born near our school.

There is a large castle in the vacinity called
Roche Castle. It was built in 1230 by the Normans to protect the surrounding land. In 1318 Edward De Bruce from Scotland, was killed here. His death is linked to the film 'Brave Heart'. When Willam Wallace was killed, Robert De Bruce carried on his work. He got his brother to fight the English army in Ireland but he was defeated in battle at Faughart, 3km from the school.

St. Brigid, our local saint is buried in Faughart. Her feast day is February the 1st. Every year we make St. Brigid's crosses out of rushes in her honour and get them blessed at a special mass.

Our nearest town, Dundalk, was a garrison town. It had large walls, ditches and mottes surrounding it. Part of the wall is still standing today. Dundalk was an important trade and industry centre, although this could not have achieved without Lord Limerick who sold his lands to up-grade Dundalk. He built parks, roads, a harbour, numerous factories and a sea wall.
Our school is located in what was known as "the Gap of the North". This was the gate way to Ulster and many battles have been fought here down through the centuries.

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