Below is a summary of some our work on the Internet in the early years.

We have been on line for two years and have been involved in many projects, particularly through Global SchoolNet Foundation. Here are some examples.

"Where on the Globe is Roger?" is a project following the reports of Roger Williams in his camper "Bubba" as he travels the globe visiting schools. He met up with us in May 1996.

"Peace Pals Project" is a follow on project from Roger's travels. School were asked to submit an essay or poem explaining what peace ment to them. We sent a poem and mesage about peace in Ireland. GSN adopted the digital image we sent with our submission as the peace symbol for the project.

"Moral Dilemma", Sept 96 This was one of our own projects where we invited schools to submit a story with a moral dilemma for the reader to solve. 25 schools for around the globe participated.

"Global Price List" is a project comparing the price of items on grocery list.

Food analysis project,coordinated by Sandy Holm at Peoria Notre Dame High School, Peoria, Illinois - nickname "The Irish". We sent our daily food logs to this school(5th and 6th class) and they analyse the nutritional value and send the information back to us.

This will be followed by another project called Name the Nutrient, coordinated by Alice Brophy, Trewyn Middle School, Peoria, Illanois. A list of questions have been sent to us and in order to find the answer the children have to undertake a Net search.

Shared writing project, coordinated by Deborah Falk of Duck Bay School, Canada . Children from six schools have been asked to write a paragraph of a story. When the first has been complete the next school continues and then send both paragraphs on until the essay is complete.

David Davies in Hudiksvall, Sweden has recently made contact with us to set up initial contact with the possibility of developing a Comenius Project. There are now 20 schools involved (10 Irish, 10 Swedish). We have been twinned with Bjorkberg Skola, Hudiksvall. The contact there is Rolf Bergman. To date the children heve exchanged letters and some jpgs. We are currently working on a weather project. We are very excited to have twinned with a school in Sweden.

Our own current projects
I've written to every school that has an Email address to sent up a link tré mhean na Gaeilge. This has also been posted at GaelOidNet.

Christmas Traditions

Through Global SchoolNet Foundation we will set up a project asking children to tell us about traditions peculiar to their country at Christmas. (I was thinking of La an Dreoilin)

Alliteration Poject

We are looking for the longest alliterative sentence on the Internet. If you can come up with one please mail us.

This report was compiled in 1996. We have had an active email address from 1994.

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