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They are twenty questions with all the answers
at the end of the quiz. Good Luck

1.What date is St Patricks Day on ?
2.Which vegetable was infected during the famine?
3.What is the bird of peace?
4.Who is the President of Ireland?
5.What is the name of the most famous Irish boy band (2000)?
6.Who is the manager of the Irish soccer team?
7.What bird has a red breast?
8.What is the longest river in Ireland?
9.What does GAA stand for?
10.What is the highest mountain in Ireland?
11.What is the Irish for dog?
12.What are the national sports of Ireland?
13.Who famous priest did Dermot Morgan act as?
14.Where does the President of Ireland live?
15. Which Manchester United player also plays with Ireland's soccer team?
16.Who lives in the White House?
17.What animal is a bovine?
18.Who was the first President of Ireland?
19.How many players on a Gaeilic football team?
20.What is the name of the ball used in Hurling?


1. 17 of March
2. The potato
3. Dove
4. Mary Mc Aleese
5. Westlife
6. Mick Mc Carthy
7. Robin
8. Shannon
9. Gaelic Athletic Association
10. Carrontohill
11. Madra
12. Hurling and Gaelic
13. Father Ted
14. Aras an Uachtaráin
15. Roy Keane
16. The Amercian President
17. Cow
18. Douglas Hyde
19. 15

By Cailím and Liam

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