Our school is involved in a lot of sports. Gaelic football, swimming and basketball. There are three gaelic teams, the boys, the girls and the combined team. Three years ago the combined team won a major competition and last year the boys team were runners-up in another major competition.. Over the years the team has never won anything until the girls won the Louth county final in November 2000. Every week the school goes swimming. Students from the classes 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th and 6 th participate. Every year the children try to swim the maximum number of lengths they can by swimming a 15m + 25m pool. There is a very high standard with people swimming between 8 and 32 lengths. The record is 48 lenghts 1200 Metres achived by Martin Caroll.
There are three terms and the school only goes swimming two terms so in the third term the children in 5 th and 6 th go outside on Fridays to play Rounders. This is great fun and isn't really taken seriously, (but some people do!).

ROUNDERS: Played with a bat or racquet and a ball (usually a tennis ball) plus bollards used as bases. Very popular in Ireland something like Cricket played for fun sometimes you see people playing it on a beach in the summer. It was the game the Irish brought to America. That game is now called Baseball.

HURLING: Played with a hurley stick (camán) and a ball (sliotar). Played in a field with goal posts. If it goes over the bar it's one point (0-1) and under the bar it's three points(0-3 or1-0) a goal. A native sport to Ireland probably the equal most popular along with Gaelic. There are fifteen on each team and the ball (the sliotar) is hand sewn hard leather. It is a very quick and is an extremely skillful sport.

GAELIC: Played with a ball (just like a soccer ball). Played in a field the same size as the hurling pitch, with fifteen on each team. As popular as hurling. Gaelic and hurling are played in every county and when there is a national final it is played in Croke Park, at
GAA headquarters.Very physical sport, played by thousands of people. Another native sport.

FAVOURITE TEAMS: The most popular soccer teams in our class are; Celtic,
Man Utd, Newcastle, Liverpool and Aston Villa.

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