If a black cat crosses your path it is good luck.

It's lucky to carry a rabit's foot.

If a money spider runs around your hand in circles you should get money.

If a Dalmation dog cries someone is going to die.

It is bad luck to kill a spider.

If you kill a godshorse it is said to rain.

If a black cat gets run over you will have bad luck.

When you see 13 black cats on Friday 13th it is bad luck.
It is good luck to throw a horseshoe over your shoulder.


It is bad luck if a robin flies into your house.

If you see a magpie on its own, with no other magpies near it, it is bad luck.

Magpies:1 for sorrow 2 for joy 3 for a girl and 4 for a boy 5 for silver

6 for gold 7 for a secret never to be told 8 for wish 9 is a kiss

10 is a bird you just can't miss.

If a bird goes to the toilet on you it is good luck

If 2 birds fly ino your home it is good luck

If you see two robins it is bad luck.



It's lucky to wear green on st patricks day.

If you put on your jumper inside out it's bad luck to change it.

If you put your jumper on back to front you can make a wish.

On a bride's wedding day she is supposed to wear some thing

old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Never leave good shoes on the table

If you buy a new piece of clothing and you put it on when

you get home you are supposed to be able to make a wish and it will come true.




If you step into a fairyring, the fairys will take you away with them.

It is bad luck to knock down a fairy fort.

People used to dress baby boys in girls' dresses in case the fairies

would take them.

If you take your new born baby home for the first time you are to put

flowers under his/her cot.

On May day if you were to finish building your new house you have to

throw May day flowers in the porch.

On the 1st of May farmers paint their milk buckets because

the fairies are supposed to turn your milk sour.

On 1st of May throw May flowers on the roof of your house to keep the Fairies away.

If you hear a Banshee cry someone local is going to die.
If you hear a fairy bell ring it means someones in the family is going to die!


























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