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June 7th 2002 - i went to see CARLOS and THE BAND play at Marley Park , Dublin , Ireland .

So proud to see Carlos on the front page of our national newspaper the following morning.


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The son of an accomplished mariachi violinist, Carlos Santana was born in Autlan de Navarro, Mexico, in 1947.


Carlos Santana.....the kid who grew up to be a musical genius and 1 exceptional human being !

All the world knows the special magic of Carlos Santana as expressed through his music and his guitar playing, which is among the most distinctive and recognizable in all music. His is a tone of vibrant energy that bathes the human soul and awakens the unconscious spirit. The spirit of truth, the spirit of Brotherhood. In every performance, Carlos shares with his audience a personal communication that crosses all boundaries and differences, and makes all people, one people, one family. No rock/blues artist is more deserving in this day and time to be a member of the RHOF than Carlos Santana. His music has influenced and inspired millions of fans. His charity towards mankind has been mammoth.

Not only is Carlos Santana known as a musical genius, but he also serves his community as a humanitarian. He and his wife, Deborah founded the Milagro Foundation which provides financial assistance for educational, medical and housing needs of children all over the world.

For more information about the Milgaro Foundation send a postcard or letter to P.O. Box 9125, San Rafael, CA 94912 U.S.A

Carlos Santana in conjunction with the Milagro Foundation is auctioning memorabilia to benefit the needs of children and Youth.This auction will continue throughout the year with other wonderful Carlos Santana collectibles such as historical clothing, handwritten set lists and Carlos' personal guitar picks used at his shows. Come back and visit often and help us support children around the world.


He stands, eyes closed, face a misty reflection of rapture, as his right hand picks out sounds from a thin, vibrating, metallic string and his left hand sets the tone, opening and stopping at the fret, producing a trill as hip as it is hypnotic. With the phenomenal success of his new album Supernatural , a whole new generation is being swept away by the sharp picking, strumming, and stroking of Carlos Santana. A single off of his roaring CD, " Maria, Maria " with the Product G&B is a masterful interplay between his ethereal, almost spiritually gentle guitar-play, and a raw, earnest rap-song - a plaintive love song to an urban beauty, matched by Santana's evocative, finger-fed intonations. Here, one sees and hears the poignant April-November marriage of two remarkable forms, the percussive, city-gritty of street-rap, and the smooth, classic clarity of a master-player merging into a remarkable and memorable seamless whole. Here Santana's debt to the old master, Jimi Hendrix, seems clearest. Carlos holds passionate views on a variety of subjects, and whether discussing songwriting , tone, and soloing -- or such hot-button topics as spirit guides, self-validation , synchronicity, senility, and suicide -- he presents his thoughts calmly, without a hint of rock-star posturing. Carlos`s speech is as distinctive as his playing, and he weaves his colorful tales of music and mysticism with unguarded sincerity. Even if you don't share all of his beliefs , his ideas will get you thinking about the guitar and its role in our lives. Santana has survived more than three decades in the fickle music business without losing an iota of his enthusiasm for the 6-string and its great players. We can all learn from that .

Older (or more mature) musical affedcionados remember what have become classics of the world of rock like " Black Magic Woman " and the mystical, intense meditations on " Caravanserai." These works ruled the rock or jazz airwaves in the 1970s. Santana's virtuosity can be seen in his split-second shift from acoustic to electric guitar in the opening stanzas of " Maria, Maria." How he mimics the human voice, with a tone that seems more akin to tenor saxophone than a stringed instrument, is a measure of his utterly remarkable mastership of the instrument . Joining him on this single is the multi-talented Wycleff Jean of The Fugees and the Product G & B, who provide Santana with vocal accompaniment that are crucial to the work's success. For the youth, Santana is " new " and "cool". For the oldheads, it is the re-emergence of a talent that lit his generation, decades ago. For both, this drum-inflected, Latin-Afro-urban music is simply damn good music that treats the ear and sweetens the soul.

Carlos with his family

To say i admire Carlos Santana would be a huge understatement . There are absolutely no words to describe my love for his music. The funny thing is , I firmly believe he just gets better and better. I absolutely adore & love , the " Brothers " cd ...... " Blues latino " & " Luz Amore y Vida " without question are the most amazing , powerful , sincerest, warm, loving pieces of music i will ever have the great privilage in this life to hear . I am very proud to say i have been a HUGE fan of Carlos for many years now, The man is simply a genius !!!!! It was with great delight and pride i watched as Carlos and the band collected all their Grammy`s for " Supernatural " , i would like to think , these Grammy`s are for all the SANTANA BAND MEMBERS .......PAST AND PRESENT , there have been many fantastic musicians that have worked with Carlos over the years ......let`s NOT forget them too !!

................. ..........

I have great admiration for all the santana band members , who are all amazing musicans in their own field, Karl & Raul , bring so much passion to the band , anyone with " eyes " can see their " brotherhood " on stage together , THANK YOU KARL for the signed foto , i will treasure it for always ! Raul since your always smiling , my nickname for you is "smiley " Chester is the true king on the keys , watching " victory is one " on the new video , mystifys me how any 1 human can play 3 keyboards at once WOW!...............Benny your solo`s are out of this world, your talent is clearly there for all to see what an amazing musician you are , you have " the spiritual virius " ;-) ...........Rodney , what can i say , such a natural ! I really love your style of playing ! Your energy shines like a beacon ..............Tony , such a passionate voice , thank you too for so many years of enjoyment listening to you sing !


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Carlos says " there's a story behind " Love of my Life " w/Dave Mattews. When my father passed away two or three years ago, I didn't listen to music for four days -- that's a long time for me. I was picking up my son from school, and I thought, okay, time to listen to some radio. I turned on a classical station, and the first thing I heard was this melody.The melody just stayed with me. They didn't say who the composer was, but I thought it was Strauss. I wanted to find out what this was, so I went to the classical music section at Tower Records and said , "All I have is this melody." I sang it , and the guy goes ...."Oh yeah. Brahms " Concerto No. 2." .They get me the CD, and that's the song! I said, " Damn, you guys are good!" So I brought this melody to Dave Matthews in New York. I said, "I hear this with a 1999 bass." I also recited these lines: " You're the love of my life You're the breath of my prayers Take my hand, lead me there With you is where I want to be ". Dave sat down and -- wrote the song lyrics right there on the spot, and we recorded it. If Brahms were alive today, he would swing it, too, because it's what's happening. Listen to Dave's phrasing -- he sang it like Billie Holiday or Frank Sinatra -- way behind the beat. It's that human thing. Only squares sing in the middle. The album " Spellbinder " by Gabor Szabo. That is a must for anybody who plays guitar. He's the person who I credit with pulling me out of B.B. King.......B.B. had us in a headlock -- Michael Bloomfield , Peter Green -- we were all under his spell.

Gabor Szabo played like a Gypsy, but different from Paco de Lucia. I first heard Gabor with [drummer] Chico Hamilton. The band had no piano player. It was just congas, timbales, and drums with Gabor and [bassist] Ron Carter. It sounded unbelievable. . Also " The Supernatural " by Peter Green, Bola Sete's " At the Monterey Jazz Festival , " and Wes Montgomery's " Goin' Out of My Head." Unplug the phone, sit down with these, and you're in for a real surprise. For pure guitar, listen to " Caravanserai." Neal Schon and I played really well on that album. At the time, the Allman Brothers had two guitar players. I remember Miles was really upset with me because I had another guitarist, but I told him, " I think Neal is a great guitar player, and that's what I hear right now." I believe it worked. Later, Neal went to do his thing with Journey, and because I still craved to play with another guitarist, I played with John McLaughlin. Once I got that craving out of the way, I wanted to learn why I was so fascinated with Coltrane and that sky-church music, as Jimi called it. So I got together with [pianist and harpist] Alice Coltrane, and I found out why she writes, and how she writes those celestial strings. It's important for guitarists to listen to her and [tenor saxophonist] Pharaoh Sanders.

The last thing I want to say is that whether you play blues, bluegrass, or jazz -- whatever -- realize that when you get older, you either get senile or become gracious. There's no in-between. You become senile when you think the world short-changed you, or everybody wakes up to screw you. You become gracious when you realize that you have something the world needs, and people are happy to see you when you come into the room. Your wrinkles either show that you're nasty, cranky, and senile, or that you're always smiling. That's why I hang around with Wayne Shorter, John Lee Hooker, Herbie Hancock -- people who have passion. I've never seen them bored. I'm like a kid -- I'm 52 years old, but I still feel like 17. I got the recent " Guitar Player Mag " at my house yesterday, and I sat down and read it. It's the only magazine I read from beginning to end, nonstop. Most magazines are very biased into one octave. This magazine covers women and men, the gifted and the beginners, brilliant and crazy garage bands -- all of it -- and I relate to that. Whether you've got a green mohawk or a suit and a tie, it's still the same. I'm laughing because I know the secret of life. And the secret of life is that I have validated my existence. I know that I am worth more than my house, my bank account, or any physical thing. When I hit that note -- if I hit it correctly -- I'm just as important as Jimi Hendrix , Eric Clapton , or anybody. Because when I hit that note, I hit the umbilical cord of anybody who is listening.

Three decades is an eternity in the world of popular music. If you want proof , look at a short list of some of 1969's best-selling recording artists: the Supremes, the Temptations, Blind Faith, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Today, many of these artists are long gone, or dead, or stuck playing their old hits at small, smoky nightclubs.But Carlos Santana , whose debut album appeared that year, is still going strong some 36 records later. His 1999 release, Supernatural, has sold millions of copies, and earlier this year, the guitarist took home a pile of Grammy awards. Even as he approaches his mid-50s—a time when many other artists are enjoying their retirement ,Carlos still puts on high-energy concerts. But there, too, his emphasis isn't merely on cranking out hits, but on giving listeners a spiritual experience.




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