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Music plays a very important part in all our lives ..... the old expression " If music is the soul of life , then play on " is very true ! For me the music of Carlos Santana and the Santana band is just sheer perfection . It`s more than music , it`s the joy , the laughter , the tears , the good and the bad of all that happens in life . Believe me , The music of Carlos has helped me tru some testing times which happen in everyday life . I`m sure many visitors to this site can equate to that , but also it has brought me sheer joy . Everyone of us are unique , we are all individuals , we all have different tastes , in food , in music , if we were all the same , this planet would be a boring ole place ! , but the music of Carlos and the band IS so different , and IS so unique , that it unites all fellow SANTANA fans in a way other fans don`t have , WE ARE A BREED APART , because Carlos comes from the heart , he gets to your heart !!! BIGTIME !!

A story from the heart.........

Carlos Santana gets to the heart of many of us, for me it seemed so fitting that i should put this website together as a tribute to Carlos , the Santana band, and to all the past and present members who greatly helped to produce some amazing music with Carlos over the years .The SANTANA SOUND is as unique as is Carlos` guitar solos.

I`d like here to include this great story of one particular SANTANA fan , called Lynda Ortiz-Parrish , whom i met only recently in the polycafe _..Santana Cafe.._ . She had this beautiful tattoo done on her shoulder. Here is her story .

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" Quote from Lynda "

" Carlitos has been a part of my life since 1969 , what can I say I love this man. He can make a guitar sing like no one else.His music makes my heart happy and I had my own tribute put on my right shoulder, a most beautiful tattoo. All the beautiful soul reaching music Carlitos has given through the years has been such a wonderful gift that this is my small way of saying thank you. I have always wanted to get this done and I knew that I would be successful because this effort captivated my heart and soul . I am more than happy to share what I think is something very beautiful." ----- Lynda

Thank you Lynda !

. My favourite Santana tracks. .

There are so many things I could say about CARLOS SANTANA

Especially the way i feel when i listen to tracks like........

Europa , Blues For Salvador , Samba Pa Ti , Africa Bamba , Bella , I`ll Be Waiting , Somewhere In Heaven , Maria Maria , Make Somebody Happy , One Fine Morning , Spiritual , Before We Go , Promise of a fisherman , Contigo , Mirage , The River , Song Of The Wind , Flame-Sky , Apache , Love you much too much , Give and take , Victory is Won , You just don`t care , Luz amore y vida , Corazon Espinado , Brujo , Toussaint L`Overture , Aqua Marine , Oya como va , Incident at Neshabar , Life is anew , Black magic woman , Love theme from " Spartacus " , Blues latino , Esperando , Jingo , Transcendence , Song for my brother , etc etc etc




I have to say here that i have 1 special tape that i made years ago for while i`m driving in my car , and Europa , Song of the Wind and the fantastic Flame-Sky are the first 3 tracks on it , Flame-Sky the more i listen to it , the more of a masterpiece it becomes, some awesome stuff going on with that track , i love it !........I have a 100 tracks in my head and anyone of them could be my favourite ;-) ....the list is endless , it too hard for me to pick just 1 , but if pushed real hard , i`d probably have to go with the " live " version of EUROPA from the Moonflower album , that one song alone has given me so much over these many many years.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart , you are a true STAR in every sense of the word !


I would also like to thank .........the man who introduced me to the music of .Carlos Santana ...my friend SKI . I remember all those years ago ...was it 1984/5 when you played " EUROPA " for me on your tape deck ? That was my intro to CARLOS .....Nice 1 SKI !! It`s been a long and wonderful journey since that very first time i listened to EUROPA , and i simply haven`t found the correct words in my heart to express how privileged i am to have the music of Carlos in my life , to me its more than just music , the guitar solos Carlos plays touch me so deeply !! I remember one time somebody heard LUZ AMORE Y VIDA playing in my home , he asked me who was playing that ? ...... I proudly replied CARLOS SANTANA , he said he never heard of him , it was always the same ole story .......Carlos WHO? This was at a time when only the select elite few ( who know what real music is all about ) , knew WHO Carlos was !! Anyways to make a long story short, I ended up giving this fella a tape a few days later hehe, and believe it or not ..but to-day he has every single thing Carlos has released , haha he was HOOKED

Free Santana Screensaver

A lot of people who hear Carlos for the first time always say how DIFFERENT it sounds to other types of music , The same can be said of myself ;-) but it just takes THAT 1 NOTE and bang !!!! ......you`ll never forget it , its superimposed on your soul for life , EUROPA will always make me feel that extra bit special , it always has and always will , When Carlos plays from the heart TO the heart , there is nothing like it on this planet ! He is such a warm human being ! I will probably never get to meet him or he may never come to visit my homepage haha , but everytime I see Carlos he takes a bit of me with him ! So wherever he is , I AM there too haha .

Somethings in this life are special , you know what i mean , it`s when THAT feeling comes over you , only YOU and you alone feel it and you wish with all your might that you could share it or your gonna burst haha , well Carlos Santana IS SPECIAL , he is unique , I admire what Carlos represents , his ability tru HIS words , HIS music , to touch your very core is un-rivaled in the music industry , THINK about it , Carlos has been around since when .......early 60`s ? Yet to-day he is at the top , 2000 was for me the year Carlos became king , he ruled , but it should have happened a long long time ago, nobody in music deserved it more than Carlos did !! Now it makes me laugh when i see teenagers playing Maria Maria in their cars they all know NOW who CARLOS SANTANA is!! ..and thats just here is good old slow-paced Ireland ;-) i can only imagine what its like eslewhere all over the world , can you imagine the millions upon millons of people who hear his guitar and say ....thats Carlos Santana . So i think its a very good thing in one sense that his music is brought to the masses , but please Carlos don`t go too commercial on us !!



Big TNX too goes to my buddy MICKEY V who shares my passion ,and has been there since the first time we saw Carlos and the band live in London , England in 1989. Next time MICKEYV , i want better seats than row 10 ;-) , I just love the way we TRY organize everything the last minute !! HAHA. Remember how we were running round trying to get to the concert on time.You and me walking down towards the stage with 2 beers and Carlos playing his first licks for US ! hehe - It`s all great fun and i have so many many happy memories Mickey v .That last concert in London June 2000 was something i will cherish forever and ever , thanks for being there MICKEY V !......Hey , and don`t worry , if you DO kick the ole bucket before me , i`ll take GOOD care of your cd collection dude !! HAHA

If there is one thing i can say for Mickeyv , it is that he is passionate about his music ! His taste in music varys from classical to rock ,and everything in between. I think i take the credit for introducing Mickeyv to the music of Carlos Santana. If i remember rightly , it was 1984 , he was a little under the weather in bed ill . I called with a tape ( which he still has ) ,to cheer him up . 3 songs on the tape- EUROPA , BRIGHTEST STAR , OPEN INVITATION - and that was it , Mickey had the SANTANA bug !! In turn , i know Mickeyv has introduced a lot of other people to the music of Carlos and the band .He has a webpage dedicated to the singer JEWEL ,and i have put a link here to his site for those of you who maybe are not aware of the great music of Jewel or maybe just interested in paying him a visit there. His site contains a lot of wonderful pictures of Jewel ,with bio information , Jewel poetry , videos and some links

Thanks also goes to a true gent in Germany , who has been so unreal in his kindness to me ......i owe you a lot MICHAEL G ! I treasure all you`ve given me , i am so happy too to know you share this passion MICHAEL G ! .............Without you i would never have heard such awesome tracks that Carlos has done with other unknown musicians to me , tracks like " Psalms " with Alex Acuna , One thing i have learned from you Michael is , there is a huge amount of material out there (of Carlos ) that people like myself have never heard of , or never knew existed , i wonder how many people actually ever heard the beautiful tune called " Vers Le Soleil " or " Rastafario " with Poalo Rusticelli , Thanks Michael !!!

When Carlos was inducted to the Rock & Roll hall of fame Inducted with him were group members Jose Chepito Areas, David Brown, Mike Carabello, Gregg Rolie and Michael Shrieve.

a little story....

Q: You’ve been involved in project of releasing rare music from artists that aren’t with us anymore. The Guts &. Grace label. The CD that’s out now I think has Jimi, Bob, John Coltrane, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Marvin Gaye.How did you come about getting involved in that? Are those personal cassettes that you had?

A: Yeah, those are personal cassettes, because all the families of all those musicians I know them well and so they love to share these things with me. It just happened that within half an hour everything landed on my lap. I was at the Greek theater playing and the sister from Marvin Gaye came to me and she says, “Hi sweetie” so she gave me this tape and says, “I know you want to have this. This is the last tape of Marvin Gaye in Costa Mesa in ‘82 I believe, “84 or ‘82 and then Stevie Ray Vaughn’s manager said, “ Hey Santana, don’t call me any more. You’re always calling me about this. Here it is -- don’t call me anymore -- and it was the last one from Stevie at Alpine , and Miles Davis’ nephew came in and it only happened within half an hour. I’m not making that up.So I took the best songs and I was riding around for my own pleasure. And I heard this voice that just said you always wanted to do your record company, so why don’t you debut by presenting all of these musicians.

So I immediately got on the phone and I called all the families. And the families they all said, “we trust your heart's intentions, so do it.” Once the family says yes, it’s really easy to deal with the lawyers and the record companies because the family already said green light, go, you know...When you play music by Bob Marley, or all these other people, Jimi Hendrix, you never yawn, you’re never bored, you’re always going, “jeezuz christ, how do they make it sound like that?” Well, it’s not the amplifier or the guitar anymore; it’s what you’re putting inside. And you can’t go to school, man, you can’t go to school to get that. You can teach it from very early age to harness their emotions. Sonny Sharrock said it the best. He says, “Can you make your heart come out through your instrument?” And there it is...I love him, man, I’m sorry that he just passed. I know that we were supposed to do something together, just like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and then they leave me. But I’ll check them out when I get up there.



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