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CDNOW Mega music and video online store.

The Ultimate Band List Music artist and album database.

SonicNet One of the most popular music magazines on the Web

Tower Records Music retail industry giant sets up shop on the Web.

Wall Of Sound Music news and reviews.

Napster Download your favorite music in MP3 format from one convenient, easy-to-use interface.

MTV Music news, chat, music database and more. The influential music magazine's online music network.

Spin Magazine Online edition of the popular music magazine. Tour online this interactive music museum located in Seattle, Washington. Site includes a musicians' resource guide, weekly guitar lessons, music lessons and more.

IUMA The world's first online music distribution service. Music Huge selection of CDs, tapes, music videos and more.

Vibe R&B and rap music guide.

Myplay Myplay is a new service that gives Internet users an easier way to download and share their MP3

Scour Your search destination for entertainment, from music to movies.

iMusic The largest music community on the Internet.

Alternative Press Alternative and indie music news and reviews. Latest music news, broadcast schedule, exclusive Web events and more.

CMJ College Music Journal online edition with artist interviews, charts, trivia, links and more.

Tunes.Com Online music resource with retail store, downloads, news and more. Part of the Emusic Network.

Spike Radio An eclectic Internet radio station.

Coming Soon! A great source for release dates of movies, videos, games, music, and books.

iCast Total entertainment site with a focus on up-and-coming bands. MusicSearch makes finding music content fast and simple!

Yahoo! Rock & Pop News, charts and more. One of the largest Web-based broadcasting companies in the world offering live broadcasts from member stations. Music news, charts and industry rumors.

ICE CD retailer and new release news source Specializing in downloadable music.

CD Universe Online music store with a large selection.

MusicStation: RockOnTVGuide to music on television.

amuZnet Offers over 250,000 music titles in several formats, plus videos and DVDs at great prices.

BMG Music Service Members-only music club.

NPR Online News, program descriptions, station directory, discussion forums and more.

The Velvet Rope "The ultimate music industry information resource."

AllExperts Free answers to your pressing music questions. Find music information for more than 160,000 artists.

Yamaha Offers a full line of musical instruments and equipment. Offers over 125 different channels of music, from zydeco to alternative rock, using a Broadcast Radio style format. Diverse RealAudio music source.

GEMM Music catalog combining the inventories of over 3,200 merchants from around the world.

AMG All Music Guide Guide to new and past releases, artist information and more. Includes music glossary,

Pollstar Comprehensive music tour guide.

Warner Bros. Records Leading music company.

MusicNewswire Music news as it breaks.

Sony Music "Most comprehensive collection of music ever assembled."

Jazz Online Jazz music resource. Get the inside scoop on the latest music news, charts, critical reactions to new releases and more. Music news, videos and chat site.

Bigmouth UK music news and reviews updated daily.

Hollywood and Vine News, release and tour dates from Capitol Records.

Webnoize News An online news agent and trade journal for the developing new media music industry. A daily music news service produced for modern rock radio listeners.

CDworld Online music store with a good import section and over 520,000 items from CDs to DVDs to choose from Artists include: Bjork, Missy Elliott, Metallica, Busta Rhymes, The Cure and Phish.

MSN: Music Microsoft Network's music channel.

Atlantic Records Artists include: Hootie & the Blowfish, Kid Rock, Ibrahim Ferrer, Matchbox Twenty, and Tori Amos.
The Musician's Guide Homepage of "The Musician's Guide to Touring and Promotion," published by Billboard. British music magazine. Buys and sells used CDs and videos.

EMI Music Canada Canadian site for EMI Music. Artists include Robbie Williams, The Beatles, Radiohead, Blur .

subCD Music news and indie releases. Online music, DVD and video store.

CD Quest Online music store with over 225,000 titles. Source of great new music online.

Blockbuster Soundtracks Purchase music from your box office favorites online.

Gavin Music trade magazine.

Pulse! Tower Records' free music magazine.

Green Mirror Music Eclectic mixes of blues and folk/pop, produced by GE Smith.

Rotz Records Online source for punk,rock, ska, indie rock, rckabilly and more.

Select British music magazine.

Matador Records Aritists include: Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, Belle & Sebastian, Pavement .

MuchMusic Canada's music television network. The place to swap music, movies and games.

The Daily Dish Music gossip from Columbia Records.

worldpop British pop, rock and dance music site tied in with CD:UK, the popular Saturday morning ITV chart show.

Top Magazine British music magazine.

  • JAM! Music Canadian music news magazine.

  • Boasts a huge selection of music and videos.

  • allstar CDNOW's daily music news service.

  • CD Banzai Online music store specializing in European imports.

  • Djangos Online used and new CD store.

  • Collector's Choice Music Online music store specializing in import CDs.

  • UC Berkeley Music Library Music archives compiled by the University of California at Berkeley.

  • MP3 Web Unique MP3 site that offers free e-mail.

  • @Music Incldues music chat room from Talk City.

  • A Christian rock alternative format for teens and college students.

  • Performing Arts Reading Room A collection compiled by the Library of Congress.

  • Razorcuts Create your own CD from over 250,000 available tracks.

  • CD WOW! Online music retailer.

  • Rick Dees OnlineHome of the "Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40."

  • Music X Tabs Over a combined total of 2,600 drum, bass, and guitar tabs.

  • CD Teleshop European online music store.

  • Daisy Rock "Real guitars for real girls."

  • RadioChat! Chat site with a Talk Radio focus.

  • Guide to online music.

  • "Your sound connection!"

  • Rock On The Net "Another level of listening"

  • Shango`s

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