If an enemy wanted to attack a Castles he had to decide what the castles' weak points were and which siege weapons would be the most effective. 

Quiz question 12: Can you think how the castle occupants try to prevent their water being poisoned?

The castle had a number of defensive features to make it difficult to attack it. 

The Gatehouse had many defensive features

The Curtain Wall     

The Portcullis

The Gatehouse     

 The Drawbridge over The Moat

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There were many clever machines however which attackers could use!

Left a Battering Ram is trying to smash down the entrance gate

Right the Trebuchet (a giant catapult) is loaded to fire rocks.   

The siege ladders enabled the attackers to climb the walls - or go get a big drop!

Quiz question 13: There is one weapon for attacking the castle in the picture at the top of the page that is not shown in these set of pictures - it's a giant crossbow.  What is it?

Left the Mangonel a kind of catapult with twisted ropes.

Right the archers take aim with their longbows.

The Belfry Tower to the right allowed the attackers invade the battlements.  It was rolled in place on wheels.

As all these methods were going on other soldiers might be trying to undermine the wall - they did this under a canopy which protected them from the boiling oil or water being poured on them,

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