How would you have liked leaving home at 7 to start to train for your career?  That's the age hopeful Knight left home to live with another Nobles family and become a page. He was really like a servant to the Lady and the Lord and learned good manners and a bit about weapons. 

At 14 he became a Squire which meant he looked after the Lord - What's he doing in the picture left?  He would have been trained in how to fight and all the basics and responsibilities of being a Knight.

Quiz question 9:  What were the 3 stages in becoming a Knight?

The Knight had to follow a Code of Chivalry which had 13 rules.  These included loyalty to his Lord;  not to run away in battle;  to protect The Church; and to protecting women. After a night of prayer the Squire became a Knight when he was 21 at a special ceremony.  He promised to uphold the Code of Chivalry.

Quiz question 10:  The Lord is saying "Arise Sir Knight"  who does the guy behind the Lord represent and what do you think is his role in the ceremony?

The Knight when he went into battle or to a Joust had a large amount of armour to put on - left you can see all the different layers - it was really hard to walk.  Right you can see how Chain-Mail was made.  Below are the weapons he fought with.

Quiz question 11: Watch the image of the Knight as he "dresses" - what problems do you think he will have when he has all his armour on?  Which would you find the hardest to cope with?

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