Painting WIP - "The Children Of Lir" - [ November 29, 2005 ]

I've started on a new painting based on the famous Irish Myth.

See my WIP section for more details.

Animation WIP - "Why a spoon Cousin?" - [ October 31, 2005 ]

I'm picking out a few sound clips from the 10 second club that I want to animate. This is one of them! See my WIP section for more details. - [ August 26, 2005 ]

Just informed that I (aka "Somhairle") was plugged in the: "SPOTLIGHT: Best of the Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art Forum"

at the forums. - Link -

Thanks Rebecca! :)

Storyboards - [ July 04, 2005 ]

Added a list of storyboards that I worked on in the "about me" section.

Website Uploaded! Yey! :P - [ June 08, 2005 ]

Ok, here's my new website. I've been learning XHTML and CSS2 for the past while and I've focused a lot on this website regarding usability (I completely hand-coded it in TopStyle)

As always, I thrived to make it 100% user friendly, easy to navigate and fast to view. Any comments? just email me!

Hasta luego,

- Sam :P

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