Tim Severin

Tim Severin, captain of the Alfred Wallace, is the veteran of many adventures.

He was born in 1940 and received his education at Tonbridge School and Oxford University. Tim studied the history of exploration at University, a subject which has led him to many fascinating places and pulled him through some nerve-wracking escapades.

Among Tim's best known exploits are the sailing of a leather boat across the Atlantic to prove that St. Brendan could have reached America, the retracing of Sindbad's voyage from Muscat to China and a perilous bamboo-raft attempt to cross the mighty Pacific Ocean. He has recounted the stories of these voyages in a many of highly-acclaimed books and magazine articles. Tim's work has also been closely detailed in The National Geographic Magazine and in a number of television documentaries.

The China Voyage, a portrait of Tim's attempt to sail the Hsu Fu between Japan and America, was shown on R.T.E. on New Year's Eve, 1995.

In between adventures Tim lives in Co. Cork, Ireland.