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31 July 2007: Mediated settlement - The dispute between Dr Stuart Neilson and University College Cork has been resolved by mediation and both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

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*Workplace bullying

Information about bullying in Ireland, with some links to legal resources and other material for people experiencing bullying at work. The Irish universities Litigation League is a ranked collection of links to court judgements and labour court recommendations involving universities and their employees.

Bullying of Academics in Higher Education is an initiative with a frequently updated blog and an online discussion forum for discussion of bullying in academic workplaces.

A new draft Code of Practice for Employers and Employees on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work" has been published by the Health & Safety Authority. More

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*About me

My Biography and a recent CV


Stuart Neilson In The Press

Books including Motor Neuron Disease at your Fingertips




Nonlinear regression (NLR) parameter estimation tool for survival models fit to mortality data

Binary test-pattern generation (TPG) module for semiconductor testing

QDE Questionnaire Data Entry and Questionnaire Design package

*Other Achievements

Delphi survey of the needs of people with multiple sclerosis

*Hobbies and Interests

Interests and Hobbies

*My Favourite Software Packages

Every image on this site is an expression of something I do, turned into web graphics with straightforward and cheap software packages. My favourites are thanked here by way of a mention and a link:

Paintshop Pro is an image and photograph editor with extensive features at a budget price. The Boteh (Tree of Life) is a scanned image of a linocut reduced to a partially-transparent GIF-image. The mandala is a collection of cubic spline (Bezier) curves constructed according to simple principles of rectangular composition. The background image is from a photograph of a Hungarian wildflower , turned into a grey-scale embossing.

Noteworthy Composer is a music notation processor that can be used to create printable scores, play a rendition of a score, record from a MIDI-compatible device (e.g. a keyboard) and produce play-along music tracks for practice.

Partition Magic is a partition manager that allows a single hard disc to be split into many drive letters. Each partition can contain another operating system - we use it to separate games from work, and to separate children from our email.

Goldwave is a sound wave editor capable of reading most major sound formats (including MP3). It has plenty of facilities to cut LP's into tracks, clean up audio (remove hiss, waw and flutter) and add effects (echo, pitch-shifting, speed, robotize and other filtering). The package is free to evaluate.

Adobe Photoshop Elements has just joined this elite listing thanks to its ability to read my Encapsulated Postscript research slides and save them as JPEG files.