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Workplace bullying

This website is about bullying of employees in the workplace and the failure of employers or the legal justice system to effectively reduce the impact of bullying or to protect and provide resolution to people whose lives are affected by workplace bullying. There is a specific focus on the workplace in Ireland and on bullying in universities.

What is bullying?

Interacting with a bully

Dealing with bullying

Writing a complaint

Publicity, Naming and Shaming

The law on bullying

Milestone cases and issues

A comprehensive case list

UK university Employment Appeal Tribunal cases

Irish university Supreme and High Court cases

Irish University Labour Court cases

Resources: Links and books

Key websites

Bullied AcademicsBullying of Academics in Higher Education is a blog dedicated to exposing bullying in academic institutions.

The Anti-Bullying Centre, Trinity College Dublin provides information, support and consultancy services.

The Health and Safety Authority, despite quietly shelving its Anti-Bullying Response Unit (ABRU) and withdrawing to a purely policy role with respect to workplace bullying, publishes some essential documents.

Just Fight On! is a UK-based not-for-profit anti-bullying organisation with an interactive discussion forum.