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The ILUG is a virtual community of gurus and novices sharing a common interest in Linux - everybody willing to help each other get the best out of their system setup, 'small office-home office', networking and programming applications.

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We are currently compiling a list of people in Ireland that would be interested in getting Linux Journal on a regular basis - if you are please email (Ken Guest) with your name, email and postal address. We shall be organising this via Easons, if you wish email Easons directly at or ask them in the shops.

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SSH Tutorial
List of Irish mirror sites - Updated on 20 August 98
GTK Review by John Looney
Read how Linux is used in RTE
Galway LUG point things our way

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1. 7th February 1998 (UL)
2. 6th June 1998 (Trinity)
3. 22nd August 1998 (UCG)

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Specific to the creation of an Irish Linux Distribution.
Where many diverse conversations relating to Linux can be followed.
This list is archived by date (with new messages at the bottom) and by thread or content.

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The ILUG 'Library' is not a library as such but a list of names and email addresses of people who are willing to loan their CD's and books. Updated on 12 August 98.

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Last updated on 24 August 98.
The Irish Linux Users Group is a non profit voluntary organization.
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