Quick Start Guide

Installing your BT Voyager 210 Router


Step 1

Familiarise yourself with your BT Installation Kit

Your BT Installation Kit should include the following items:


Step 2

Install your ADSL Microfilters

A Microfilter filters out the ADSL signal from your normal phone service, allowing you to use both phone and Internet services on the same line, at the same time. Firstly ensure that any previously used Broadband modem has been uninstalled from your computer and unplugged from your ADSL line.

Your BT Installation Kit includes two types of microfilter:

A Double Socket microfilter for use where you will be installing your Voyager router. This allows you to connect your router, and also a telephone if required, to one phone socket.

A Single Socket microfilter for use at any other phone socket where you have a phone, cordless, answering machine, fax machine, etc. connected.

You should install these microfilters as follows:

Dual Socket - At the socket where you install the Voyager router:

Connect the LINE end of the microfilter to your telephone socket

Plug one end of the grey ADSL Line Cord that came with your router into the DSL/HPN socket on the microfilter and the other end into the ADSL socket on the back of the router.

If you want to connect a phone where the router is located, plug it into the socket marked PHONE on the microfilter

Single Socket - At any other phone sockets on same telephone line:

Unplug the phone cable from the socket.

Connect the LINE end of the microfilter to the socket

Connect the phone to the socket marked PHONE on the filter

Click here or more information about ADSL microfilters


Step 3

Install BT Voyager 210 Base Unit

Plug the Power Supply and the grey ADSL Line Cord into the sockets on the back of the Voyager 210 Base Unit (sockets are marked Power and DSL respectively).

Plug the Power Supply into the nearest mains socket ensuring the socket is switched on.

Press the power switch on the back of the Voyager 210 (marked On/Off) to switch it on. The Power light on the front will turn green.

Wait up to one minute until the DSL light on the front stops flashing and is solid green.

Click here if the DSL light does not come on or continues to flash constantly.


Step 4

Connect to your computer

If you are going to use an Apple Mac computer you must use an Ethernet connection. The USB connection will only work with Windows PC machines.


Step 5

Connect to Broadband

Start your Internet Browser (Safari) and type the following IP address into the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

The BT Voyager 210 Configuration Manager screen opens as below.

To log on enter the Broadband User Name followed by @btbb and then the Password, which you selected on your application.

There is no need to add '.ie' or '.com' as the broadband username is not an e-mail address.

Passwords are cASe SeNSitiVe. Ensure the Caps Lock is NOT on.

Click Connect.

You are now ready to browse the Internet from your computer using BT Broadband!

There is no need to repeat this step if you change computers on the same ADSL enabled phoneline. Simply start your Internet browser and you will be automatically connected.


Troubleshooting: Click here if you are unable to view web pages after connecting your computer to your BT Voyager 210 router.


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