Setting up an Anytime Dial-up connection in Windows Vista

  1. Go to Start, then Control Panel.

  2. Click on Network and Internet.

  3. Click on Network and Sharing Center.

  4. Next, click on Set up a connection or network.

  5. Click on Set up a dial-up connection.

  6. Choose the modem that you want to connect with from the list of modems that appear on the screen. If there are no modems listed then you either do not have a modem installed on your computer or your modem is not installed properly.

  7. Type the following information into the appropriate fields:

    • Dial-up phone number: 1893247365

    • User name: Enter the username chosen when ordering Anytime.

    • Password: Enter the password chosen when ordering Anytime.

      If you have not yet received your username and password please contact BT Sales on 1893 923 923.

      If you can not remember your username and/or password please contact BT Technical Support on 1890 923 111.

    • Connection name: Anytime

  8. Click Connect to save your details and get connected to the Internet.

  9. To connect to the Internet in the future, go to Start and Connect to. A list of your connections should appear. Select your Anytime connection and click Connect.

  10. The connection window should appear. Click Dial to get connected to the Internet.