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-Recommended by Hans-Hinrich Taeger (Febr.99)     (Updated June 2000)
Hans Taeger 1997PREMARK: Welcome to Thomas and my personal library and CD-collection. Both collections have estimated 1000 titels each, causing continuous and serious storage problems in our house. On top we have this comprehensive astrological archives as well as our collection of Buddhist art. Not easy to keep all this in order. Anyhow, I managed to put together a selection of some recently (last 10 years) published books and music titles as well as some software we like.
 - I'm shure we missed a lot of interesting publications. So please enlighten us with some new suggestions. If you are an author or publisher please send us samples for review (titles on Astrology, Buddhism, Spirituality, New Age, Psychedelic, Depth Psychology, Esotericism, Mythology). If we like them, they have a fair chance to get a recommendation on this page. Even a 1 star title is already a selected title!
 - Where ever possible we linked the titles to,, or another direct order possibility. Clicking those links doesn't mean, that you have to order! But you help our site a little bit if you order with us. Using the Amazon search-engines at the bottom of this page you have additional access to millions of books, music and video titles of your personal choice. Please revisit this page from time to time to find out what new titles we added to our lists. Those titles are marked with this  symbol.
 - Don't forget, you save a up to 30% ordering with Amazon.
-  And don't forget: "If we were to read about spiritual things, it is only words...What is of greatest importance is that we have experience. Not words, no beliefs, but experience." (Dr. Albert Hofmann)
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updated June 2000
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