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"In the old industrial civilization you called yourself a worker, but in the information age you're a free agent. As you develop your agency, you develop your skills in communication. PC owners are discovering that the brain is: * the ultimate organ for pleasures and awareness; * an array of a hundred billion microcomputers waiting to be booted up, activated, stimulated, and programmed; * waiting impatiently for software, headware, thoughtware that pays respect to its awesome potential and makes possible electronic internet linkage with other brains."...- Tim Leary in 'Chaos & Cyber Culture'
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Guestbook Button- Hello, come in. We proudly love to present to you the world's greatest awards treasure (at the moment). Enjoy! You may ask 'why this strange site?' To be honest, we don't know. We ourselves feel still in the beginning phase, far from our vision of how this site should look like. But maybe we apply a lot or/and get much sympathy for the heart and soul of this site: the bringing together of Tibetan Buddhism, new-age thinking and astrology in our own and slightly unconventional way. Some may also like our colorful and unusual design, others the general magical feeling, the wealth of information this place offers or admire even the courage to create such an honest offstream site. Whatever it may be, we warmly like to thank all reviewers, who demonstrated the immense kindness of going through our pages and sending their comments and awards. Not to forget to thank also all those reviewers who kindly checked this site without leaving an award. We honor this too! - It's definitely not the number of awards which counts, but the spirit of kindness, respect & cyber-friendship in which it is given! The ideals of honoring others by symbolically granting an award are as old as the human civilization. But in the cooling down athmosphere of our global village (now more a market place), the recognizing and enforcing of each others work is one of the last and thereby very important niche's for keeping the important human and personal touch alive, we all like to see! This comprehensive galleries are a manifestation of this spirit and should inspire others to share those ideals.
Guestbook Button- Beside this there are so many additional useful and enjoyable functions these gallery and review pages fulfill. They are not just a feast for the eye, doors to explore so many other wonderful realms, but also a unique documentation of a new art-form (which we call 'awards- and logo-art'), an inspiration for award designers, a realiable recource for award searchers, awards historians and what we call 'award scientists' or at least a unusual linksite. Inviting reviewers to our site helps also to spread some of our ideas and ideals. Anyhow, the many positive feedbacks make us happy and optimistic for the future of a growing spiritual awareness. - And please don't get a wrong impression. We are not following a new Olympic discipline of 'award-hunting' or cultivating a profile-neurosis. You may call us award-lovers or collectors, but don't name us 'hunters'. We simply have this crazy weakness/passion for beauty, originality and kindness and love the feeling to be interlinked with so many outstanding sites and personalities. We take good care for all their unique little treasures and try our best to treat &  present them with love, care and respect. Our more than 200 award-related pages are completely dedicated for the sake of a more human and enlightened world and as a pixelling offering and enjoyment for the Buddhas of all cosmic directions (hope that they don't burst with laughter!).
- our site - patchwork - awards - scales - ratings
Guestbook ButtonWe don't share the view that sites which take much time, effort and dedication in collecting and presenting many awards are 'punished' by some award programs for even doing this. That's simply a childish and undifferentiated attitude. Sorry. The only criteria should be if a site is good enough for a special award and it's criteria or not. We also like to add that we welcome the honest efforts of various groups in trying to develope some kind of web-standards by e.g. establishing rating systems and ethical standards for awards and awarding sites (like Focus, Award Sites or Paris Excellence). Things like HTML, loading time, navigation, links, spelling or browser compatibility, java- and banner overloadings, the awards program itself etc. can possibly be valued. On the other side one can not transmit all those standards and ratings, often based in the spirit of business design (which has it's own mains, rules and regulations) on more spiritual or artistic orientated homepages where people don't expect extreme quick loading times, sterile frames etc., because there is simply no hurry for a quick business. Our 'business' is simply to activate the innate wisdom of our visitors and those wisdom things are time consuming by nature :-) So, inspiring pages like our's follow simply other rules & aims and need to be weighed with different scales. This does not mean that many business, hi-tech and tone-in-tone created designer sites are not admirable, amazing and even touching. But in the field of private homepages, designed by amateurs like us, criteria like e.g.: enthusiasm, idealism, spiritual flair, beauty, individuality, honesty, originality, inspiration, wow-effect, content ... have a higher rank. One generously should overlook some rough edges concerning HTML, spelling errors or color balance. - Concerning our own site we definitely can't transport the most vital and colorful spirit of Tibetan Buddhism or of the vibrant and even more colorful Sixties, by using a greyish, cool structured or too elegant designed style. It simply wouldn't be authentic and could kill & sterilize all it's vital spirit of improvisation and spontaneity. We even love to keep some rough but human & most lovable edges here and there. Of course we try to give our best. But so far this place is nothing more than a first sketch or patchwork and far from perfection :-)  Do you like patchwork? 
Guestbook ButtonHaving surfed more than 50,000 sites in the last years has not just trained our eyes and mind. For our private orientation we started to mark very special sites using a three star system. We didn't find time yet to design our linkpages with some 3000 bookmarked and rated sites. But we like to introduce our ratings already on these awards pages, marking outstanding sites with one, two or even three stars (*, **, ***). Should you share a similar taste, those marks make it easy for you to find the right places straight away. But keep in mind, that sites are living organism and can dramatically change for the better from one day to the other. So, best you check them all :-) We decided to value a site by summarizing content, design & general impression in a proportion of 30:30:40. As a working title for this type of rating we did choose '3rd Eye Impression Rating': The left eye for the content, the right one for the design and the third and most important one for the general taste and feeling of a site. All sorts of 'irrational' factors like beauty, emphasis, web-magic, originality, artistry, creativity, inspiration, kindness, new age spirit, open-mindedness, individuality, enlightened craziness etc. play an important part in this kind of inspired evalutation. We are quite sure, that we overlooked many hidden jewels, but this illustrates already that we don't feel as some ultimate and god-like judges. (Un)fortunately more as some ordinary human beings. - It's not easy to impress us, but if you think you can or have to, you may send us your URL for having a look and you may receive our 3rd Eye rating logo with one, two or even 3 stars on it. But please don't feel disappointed! By our experiences so far less than 10 % of all sites activated our 3rd eye :-)  This does not mean that the other sites are bad. They may be of high importance seen with somebody elses eyes!! But we want to follow our heart, use our own eyes, be honest to ourself, and keep a certain standard. Sites which award us are automatically candidates for this rating as well as for our Kindness Award. Notice that we decided to offer this rating-possibility to 'all' sites. It does 'not' matter if you have an awards program or not. We also want to mention that we don't have any ambitions to compete with excisting rating systems! - Established and important ratings like e.g. Focus, Award Sites, Paris Excellence, Metatronic etc., are not yet marked on all review pages. This work is actually in progress.
- opinions - subjectivity - variety
Guestbook ButtonIn general we doubt that there ever will be something like a fixed standard or an 'objective' rating system, being able to cover *all* aspects and types of website's. Especially when it comes to the important and absolutely irrational overall impression there will be 'always' different opinions. Look at the arts, literature, entertainment etc. Give the same book to 10 critics and you receive 10 completely different reviews, and what's even more crazy, they may all be valuable and ok in their own context. We 'love' this varieties and controvercies, making this world, or in our case the net, such an interesting place. The reason for all this has much to do with the more or less prejudiced ideas of the reviewer of how a site has to function as well as with his personal background, horoscope, mind capacity, special sympathies and antipathies, visual taste, education, his biography, actual mood, interests, age-group and many other imprints. All this get's now in interaction with the often completely different intentions and personal backgrounds of the site creator. This 'can' develope into a creative process from which both parts are able to profit (in case they are open-minded and willing to understand each other). We had such interesting and clearing dialogues with many reviewers. - In terms of percentage we would see a 40:60 relation between rational and irrational factors in evaluating a site, even though most evaluators may not be aware of this. Giving awards too we know about all this, but decided to allow the irrational components to have the final say. - With our pages we experience all this divergency's on a daily basis when we receive a gold, silver, bronze and merrit award on the very same day and from more or less equally ranking sites. - Anyhow, just imagine how boring it would be if all sites in the net would look like our's :-) We certainly would be the first to change everything immediately! Long live variety!
- thank you - danke - merci - gracias - grazie
Guestbook ButtonWe don't want to miss this opportunity to thank all reviewers very much for their kindness to visit our site, spending much time and energy to look at our strange offstream issues and sending their remarks and award. A big hug for all cyber-friends who designed a special award for this site!! And a big thanx to all those anonymous evaluators which didn't award us, but offered their precious time to work through these pages! Not to forget all those who sent unsolicited awards. We admire you for having the patience of fighting through our German-English mixup (the Irish find it 'charming', but they are very kind people) and all those foreign language reviewers, who had to explore this place by using time-consuming translation services. - Many reviews we received are really helpful, practical, encouraging, even touching. As another nice result a lot of lovely cyber-friendships started via a site review. - In return we've created this easy to surf and with love & attention designed awards galleries to present the awarding sites as professional and beautiful as possible. Most awards are really beautiful and unique pieces of art, where everybody gives his best to find a design-quintessence of his individuality and thereby inviting and attracting kindrid spirits to visit their realms! We want to add, that being visually orientated, we are a bit picky in asking for awards. Beside a few standard awards we only submit our site for awards which have a nice designed or unique logo together with a site of special interest. This goes equally for private homepages and a few commercially orientated sites which show some heart and soul. So, being part of these galleries is also something special! Thank you again for practicing kindness, generousity and help with your advice. Let's keep the real awards-spirit high, Hans & Thomas
p.s. 'Kindness', following the Buddhist understanding, is a general & natural friendly attitude combined with a clear, sharp and differentiated mind, spontaneous wisdom & without expecting or giving up one's spiritual pride & firmness. It has nothing to do with emotional petting, clinging, unclear feelings, ego games, masochism, an empty social convention or a false understanding of  'mercy' :-)
All awards-galleries and review pages are best viewed on full screen!
- awards - plans - pixelling magic
Guestbook ButtonWith the begin of the year 2001, and when our site is further developed, we have plans to start our extended awards-program with 15 stunning award-beauty's. Don't try before end of January 2001! In the meantime visit our exclusive gifts galleries and award yourself with one of our unique creations. The "IAS & Manjushri Mandala Kindness Award 1999/2000/2001" which we introduced in July 99 can now be applied for. The new 2001 version, differentiated in gold, silver and merit, will be available also end of January. It's our popular and prestigeous award for all kinds of demonstrating web-kindness, creativity, uniqueness, generousity, sharing, caring and 'turning on' (read criteria).
- And never forget (e.g. when you apply for an award): even behind the most stunning and stylish logo you find human beings like you and us!..-.It's.all.'just'.pixeling.magic.;-)
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actual number of awards:   2731   (up to gallery 195)
- updated March  27 - 2001  /  next update: May  02  - 2001  (in case we've got new awards) -
- In case you find any wrong or dead link, or links which have changed their address, please send us an.email
- All Awards-Galleries (and all other pages of this site) are not.compatible to AOL-Netscape 6! -
~ General Update finished! ~
- Since October 2000) we were in the process of redesigning all galleries and review pages as well as updating and checking all 2700 sites which granted us an award in the past 29 months. We not only checked the URL validity but looked also for: additional keywords, new themes, birthdata, gender, browser recommendations, award ratings, country the award came from and upgraded (sometimes downgraded) our own site ratings. We also put down informations like java- or flash enhanced and award 'retired' or 'discontinued'. This time-consuming Sherlock Holmes work came to an end in April 2001. In average we spend at least 40 minutes on each site which sums up in 1,700 hours surfing. With the help of search engines and some tricky thinking we could relocate more than 400 URL's which changed their address in the meantime. The main reference for all those updates are the Review-Pages!
- This should be the cleanest awards gallery of this size by now..We did all this for you! Use this unique option.now to surf for awards and visit some great sites! By the way you will be amazed that many awards from 98 and 99 are still available. And please help by droping us a short note if you find URL's which have changed their address or themes since the beginning of this work. Some pages change their URL's on a monthly basis :-) - We will go on to do smaller URL updates, - but revamping the whole lot will be at the earliest in two years time! Having finished this job, we understand much deeper the wisdom that everything is contineously changing :-) So in a way it was also a Buddhist mind-training for developing patiance and one-pointed concentration. Thanx Buddha, for giving us this great oportunity of practicing :-)
~ Provisional Awards-Program started! ~
~.click.for provisional awards-program.~
The various ways to surf our award galleries
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Starting here you can view the linked award logos, grouped by (in average) 14 awards per gallery. All images are reduced for a quick loading. The galleries are all interlinked and you also have access to all review pages (awards and reviews are on different pages!). Rolling your mouse over the logo you find some keywords, describing the awarding site and our rating, marked by a star/s at the end of the keyword line. To read the reviews and additional informations concerning a special award or site just click the.green-marked.link and a second window will open with the according review-section. Now you are able to view and read parallel! Highly recommended! - It may happen, that some of the latest galleries are pre-linked but still empty. Inform yourself on this menu-page (see above and below) which awards-gallery is actually the latest. - Enjoy this magical mystery tour and discover some really interesting places! Best viewed with full screen. 
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Second option (surfing the review-pages)
If you want to go in small steps and read the reviews first, use these review pages! They cover the reviews, name of the site, keywords for the awarding site, date, links, clickable awards-logo (blinking blue star) and our rating. From here you have also direct link-access to the galleries.
- Every review-page contains the reviews and many additional infos of 10 galleries. They are easy to navigate, using the number- and back-to-top links. We like all sites listed here. But some selected pages with rich & useful content, open-mindedness, stunning beauty, creativity, outstanding individuality, a special magic or which are written deep from the heart, we marked with a star (s) *, **, ***.  (Read above about our '3rd Eye Impression Rating').  Stand of  rating: date of  receiving (we occasionally revisit and make updates!). Concerning only the review pages (not mentioned in the galleries!) : Personalized awards are marked with a white.*.star behind the awards name. Exclusively just for us designed awards have  two.**. stars (white and lightblue),  wow! In the keywords line you also find infos about recommended browers (if stated on the site), nationality, language, gender, zodiac sign/birthdata (if available), flash- or java-enabled as well as other ratings, like Focus or Paris Excellence (not yet marked on all review pages). The review pages are our main references for all kind of updates! Should you have any inquieries concerning a special award let us know. We keep an email archive for all received awards. Enjoy! 
Award reviews for galleries 001-010...06/08/98 - 18/02/99       # 0001 - # 0116
Award reviews for galleries 011-020...18/02/99 - 05/05/99       # 0117 - # 0259
Award reviews for galleries 021-030...05/05/99 - 28/06/99       # 0260 - # 0408
Award reviews for galleries 031-040...28/06/99 - 12/08/99       # 0409 - # 0560
Award reviews for galleries 041-050...13/08/99 - 14/09/99       # 0561 - # 0702
Award reviews for galleries 051-060...14/09/99 - 17/10/99       # 0703 - # 0842
Award reviews for galleries 061-070...17/10/99 - 20/11/99       # 0843 - # 0982
Award reviews for galleries 071-080...21/11/99 - 06/01/00       # 0983 - # 1122
Award reviews for galleries 081-090...06/01/00 - 03/02/00       # 1123 - # 1262
Award reviews for galleries 091-100...10/02/00 - 08/03/00       # 1263 - # 1402
Award reviews for galleries 101-110...08/03/00 - 20/04/00       # 1403 - # 1542
Award reviews for galleries 111-120...20/04/00 - 28/05/00       # 1543 - # 1682
Award reviews for galleries 121-130...29/05/00 - 17/07/00       # 1683 - # 1822
Award reviews for galleries 131-140...17/07/00 - 18/08/00       # 1823 - # 1962
Award reviews for galleries 141-150...20/08/00 - 23/09/00       # 1963 - # 2102
Award reviews for galleries 151-160...23/09/00 - 25/10/00       # 2103 - # 2242
Award reviews for galleries 161-170...25/10/00 - 27/11/00       # 2243 - # 2382
Award reviews for galleries 171-180...27/11/00 - 20/01/01       # 2383 - # 2522
Award reviews for galleries 181-190...21/01/01 - 29/03/01       # 2523 - # 2662
Award reviews for galleries 191-200...29/03/01 -                      #.2663 -    (latest awards)
Other pages of interest
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Provisional Awards-Program & Kindness Award..New!..(April 01)..
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