Hans - Hinrich Taeger / Biographical Notes (English)  Update 8/1998

Hans Hinrich Taeger 1993 (Click for Enlargement)"Less concrete phenomena, such as time, are also dependently arising...If one were to remove any one of the component moments, the whole would be unable to exist. The mind too has no independent existance. Any one state of mind depends upon numerous moments of consciousness and various mental factors...The beginningless and endless stream of consciousness that passes from one life to another and finally reaches buddhahood is not independently existent either. It is in a constant state of momentary change and thus depends upon the infinite number of moments that constitute its continuity."
- Geshe Rabten in 'Echoes of Voidness' -

HANS - HINRICH TAEGER (* 15. 10. 1944, 6:35 MET, Goerlitz/Germany/D) is regarded as one of the leading international experimental, scientific and esoteric orientated astrologers. His father HEINZ PAUL TAEGER (*30. 3. 1914, 11:15 MET, Berlin - Schoeneberg/D) is a building engineer and his mother HELGA TAEGER (*20. 11. 1921, 23:45 MET, Goerlitz/D) a ballet master (wedding: 22. 3. 1944, 12:00 MET, Goerlitz/D). Two strong, bright and adorable characters. Young in heart und full of generosity, tolerance and their own individualistic kind of wisdom. With their wide and flexible understanding they always backed and encouraged the strange career of their son, not just on the material, but also on the idealistic level. Thank you! - His brother NICOLAUS TAEGER died very young, caused by cancer of the throat (*6. 12. 1951, 1:00 MET, Berlin - 26. 7. 1961, 7:00 MET, Berlin/D).   -Click underlined text's -

Taeger grew up in West - Berlin (-on his Sun - Ascendent line). As a child he had many extraordinary mystical and magical experiences (-see psychedelic biography). Later at school he developed strong ambitions for biology, art and avantgarde - literature, followed by studies of literature, history of art, psychology, sociology and mass media (- film history) at the universities of Berlin and Münster (1964-1972). 1961 he made his first experiences with psychedelics and 'altered states of consciousness'. In spring 1968 he moved to Muenster / Westphalia (-to his Mercury - Ascendent line) where he lived in a countryside cottage until early 1984. At this time he also worked as a freelance journalist (feuilleton, film, TV) and - inspired by a trip to San Francisco (summer 1966) - he became enthusiasticly engaged in the psychedelic movement of the sixties and seventies and organized various Happenings and "Love-In's" in Germany.

An additional influence of those days where the intensive contacts to the 'Living Theatre' company (J. Beck, J. Malina) - being in Berlin for more than a year - absorbing their great hippie - spirit and spirituality. This intensive, colourful and creative time, intensified by many Pluto - transits in virgo and libra, was the "melting pot" from which Taeger got his most impulses, deep insights and peak experiences: keys to his richly aspected 12th house. At the same time (1965 - 1968) he also published alternative literature ( "studio presse hans taeger") and edited the magazine "pro these".

In 1964 he got in touch with astrology for the first time (-private study group in Berlin). Since 1968 serious and systematical studies of astrology with Reinhold EBERTIN (*16. 2. 1901, 4:40 MET, Goerlitz - 14. 3. 1988) and H. Christian MEIER-PARM (*5. 4. 1905, 15:08 MET, Hamburg/D - Sept. 1987, Hamburg) as well as depth psychology (C. G. Jung/ -working carefully and critical through all his 25 volumes) and eastern esoterics (Hinduism, Taoism and especially Tibetan Buddhism). His main Buddhist teachers were: Lama THUBTEN YESHE (*15. 5. 1935, 5:00 LMT, Toelung/Dechen / Tibet - 3. 3. 1984, 5:07 PST, Los Angeles/USA), Lama ZOPA, Geshe Ngawang Gyatso, GESHE RABTEN, KALU RINPOCHE, ZONG RINPOCHE and TENGA TULKU (*8. 7. 1932, 6:30 LMT, Nanchen / Tibet). Taeger studied with teachers of all 4 major Tibetan traditions. In autumn 1976 Geshe Rabten gave him the Buddhist name CHAMPA LEGSHE ("Loving Buddha of Good Thinking").
For Short Biography of Tenga Tulku click here. To visit his website click here.

In 1970 he began collecting astrological data (the later "TAEGERARCHIVES" ), decided to become a  'professional hobby astrologer' (- which he is still today) and founded "ASTROENERGETICS", a vital combination of astrology, science, depth psychology and eastern esoterics. Between 1970 - 80 he developed his own astrological methods like the 'Mandala - Energy - Analysis' (extensive and basic analysis of a chart), 'holograms' (computation of total midpoints of all natal factors) and 'rhythmograms' (house progressions of various rhythm in a graphical printout). Since 1970 he also introduced modern unorthodox teaching methods like astrodrama (- including group dynamics, music, art, dance, meditation etc.) and created the word 'Karmagram' instead of horoscope.

Old Logo of Manjushri Mandala

Old Logo of Institute for Astroenergetic Studies IAS

In October 1975 Taeger was encouraged by Lama Th. Yeshe, Geshe Rabten and later by Tenga Tulku to establish the astrological and Buddhist school "MANJUSHRI - MANDALA /Friends of New Age Buddhism"as an experiment, bringing together western astrology with the basics of Buddhism. Later integrated in the "INSTITUTE FOR ASTROENERGETIC STUDIES" (IAS), which was transformed into a more research orientated institute on 1. 1. 1988, 0:00 WET, Portsalon, Co. Donegal/IRL (co-director: Thomas Siegfried). Between 1970 - 83 Taeger gave more than 150 weekend- and holiday workshops for more than 2,500 students, guided several meditation retreats and worked also as a Buddhist teacher. In 1983 25 students passed his examinations (-written self - analysis, a scientific astrological study, basic understanding of Buddhism, oral examination) and became certified "Astroenergetic Counsellors / IAS".

Taeger is practising Buddhism since 1974 (-first contact with Tibetan Buddhism in 1962 by an older friend who travelled Tibet as a silk merchant in the Thirties and early Fourties). Between 1978 - 1982 he developed the concept of the 'ASTRO - BRAIN' computer software, which features all of  Taeger's astrological methods. A modern version is under development. Several world-trips (USA, Canada, Australia, India). In 1978 he became a certified astrologer of the 'Deutscher Astrologen Verband / DAV'. Between 1979 - 81 Taeger made a 2-year meditation retreat in the tradition of Tibetan Vajrayana - Buddhism under guidance of his teacher TENGA TULKU.

Due to more intensive astrological and esoteric studies he gave up his career as a teacher and counsellor and (-after a long worldwide search for the right spot) settled in County Donegal, Ireland, where he lives as a permanent resident since 19. 3. 1984, 21:00 WET in Portsalon (-on his Saturn - MC and Neptune - Ascendent line). In the last years he and his life partner THOMAS SIEGFRIED (Champa Pelgye) (*29. 5. 1956, 14:15 MET, Kaiserslautern/D) - whom he met on the 11. 4. 1982, 22:10 IST in Dharmsala/IND - as well as some of his former students and collaborators (e.g. Ulla Janascheck, Michael Lohmann, Peter Ruether, Eckhardt Schmidt, Harald Schmiedle, Tobias Ferber, Max Baltin) worked in the fields of astrological research, data collection and Buddhist studies. In 1997 the TAEGER - ARCHIVES contained more than 24,000 well researched data (personal data as well as mundane data). The archives are continously updated and enlarged. In his Irish retreat Taeger also found time for writing books, articles and to deepen his understanding of Buddhism. Several publications appeared in Germany and other countries. Subjects: Astrology, Buddhism, New Age.

ADDITIONAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATIONS: latemature birth (9 1/2 month / - 5 1/2 pound). Unproblematic child, sunny boy, self-entertaining. Strong phantasy and imagination. Congenital night orientated rhythm and  sleepwalker ( - sleepwalking stopped just in the midseventieth). This caused difficulties at school because of lack of concentration (sleepiness) before noon. Taeger is still a dedicated night-owl. Health weaknesses: thyroid insufficiency (- lack of fire element), allergies (-esp. between early childhood and the late 80th / -Moon-Neptune conjunction), weight and heart problems (heart attack: February 1983 / - Pluto-Mars transit), occasional kidney stones (- libra influence / Venus in second house). Until 16 undecided, than stronger erotic attraction towards men. Open and unproblematic homosexuality with occasional heterosexual contacts. In later life (-beginning of the Nineteeth) he understands himself as  'neo-sexual'. As a young man quite sporty: cycling, swimming (-long distances), skiing (ski instructor), figure skating (roller- and ice scater at SCC-Berlin), Rock'n Roll dancing (-was a sweaty sport at those days). - Between the 10th and 16th year of age serious scientific interests in botanics and entomology, removed by a 'magic' fascination towards experimental art. Friendships with many artists, sculptors, writers, photographers, actors, outsiders and eccentrics of the Berlin scene. - At school big problems with mathematics and physics. Love - hate relationship to the high tech modern computer world. Nick-names: 'Muse-Taeger' or 'Atze' (at school), 'Dicky' (parents, private) and the title of honor :-)  'Dicky-Berlin' (-in the disco scene).

BOOKS:  "ASTROENERGETIK"(basics of astrology / 1st ed. 1982 / 6th, improved ed. 1991 - 95 / 684pp / 16,000 copies), ASTRO-TRIPS (collection of essays, 1986 / 278 pp/ 2,500 copies), SPIRITUALITAET UND DROGEN (scientific analysis of the psychedelic movement / interactions between psychedelic hypersensibility, music (sound) and mystical experiences, 1988, 1996 / 273 pp / 3,500 copies - Order Link/Nachtschatten), "GUHYASAMAJA-TANTRA" (still unpubl. manuscript about the basis of Tibetan tantra / 300 pp / 1989), INTERNATIONALES HOROSKOPE LEXIKON (bilingual, 4 vol. 1991/92/98/, 8,000 data with chart drawings, short biographies, sources, rating system / 2,116 pp / 3,000 copies of each volume / the most comprehensive data book series of this kind worldwide - Order Link Amazon.de), editor of the "TIBETKALENDER" (1991, 1992 / 1500 copies each) and of the CD - ROM "TAEGER ARCHIVES" (Institute for Astroenergetic Studies, IAS, 1999 / 9,000 updated data and biographies), an electronic version of the 'Internationales Horoskope Lexikon', programmed by Tobias Ferber.

Publishers who are interested in producing Taeger’s books or the electronic version of the TAEGERARCHIVES in a foreign language should contact him. (Email:taeger@iol.ie)

Astroenergetik, Paperback ed.Astroenergetik, Pocket ed.Spiritualität und Drogen, Pb.Astro Trips, Pb.
Int. Horoskope Lexikon, Harcover 4 vol.Provisional Logo of Taeger Archives on CD ROM
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ASTROLOGICAL INTERESTS:Special interests in: the esoteric roots of astrology; 12th house and Neptune; reincarnation and astrology. Pluto - transits; relocation (Astro * Carto * Graphy according to J. Lewis). New interpretation of astrology based on a modern understanding of Buddhism. Taeger also focuses research on cyclic astrology, the Galactic Centre (GC - now 27° sagittarius) and Supergalactic Centre resp. 'The Great Attractor' (SGC - now 2° libra / : a huge black hole, orbited by thousands of galaxies including our Milky Way) as well as the Apex (flight direction of our solar system - now towards 2° capricorn) and the tension-rulers (via Meier-Parm). He uses the equal house system, distance values, house progressions (6 year rhythm per house in clockwise and anti-clockwise parallelism, starting at the Ascendent), biorhythm, midpoints (mainly Sun/Moon / SM, Earth/Moon / EM), heliocentric astrology and is interested in the philosophy and psychology of the five resp. six elements (water, earth, fire, air, ether, primordial). Taeger understands the Earth as the planetary equivalent of the taurus sign, which he mirrors into the geocentric chart (Sun - Earth - Axis). He is also very engaged in research on the small planet Vesta (ruler of virgo), the planetoid Chiron (-which he renamed into  'HYPNOS') and research on brain activities caused by planetary transits (REM - research). He is also convinced that fixed stars have an influence on our life.

Taeger disagrees with the siderial theory of  an 'Age of Aquarius'. He understands this age (Zeitgeist) as dominated by an energetic confrontation and mixture of libra (SGC) and capricorn (Apex) with an additional energetic touch of the last degress of sagittarius (GC). Super - GC and Apex entered libra resp. capricorn at the midth of the 19th century. The parallel change of SGC and Apex (- squaring each other) from one sign to the other takes place every 2000 years. Their actual midpoint is on 17° scorpio. During the fall of the East Block countries (1989 - 91) Pluto transited this sensitive midpoint a few times and opened the way for a new world. At the moment the midpoint of GC and Apex is in the process of entering capricorn. - Taeger is a critic of primary directions, secondary progressions and of the drifting of astrology downwards to pure materialism (e.g. financial astrology, marketing, business) as it took place in the endphase of the Roman Empire and it's vulgar astrology. In this he sees parallels to our actual Zeitgeist of decadence and plutocracy.

As a COUNCELLOR he is more interested in transpersonal and spiritual growth problems (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

ASTROLOGY in context with BUDDHISM Taeger essentially understands as an esoteric way of self - initiation to discover and develop our inherent wisdom of the inner and outer 5 (6) elements or colors of light and their zodiacal and planetary representatives. This long lasting process seems to be an endless and painful trip from rebirth to rebirth, caused by not understanding or wrong handling of the law of cause and effect (Karma), the illusion of time and space, wrong identifications and projections. - Drifting around like a pingpong ball on the waves of an a self-entertaining and self-transforming magical universe. Recognition (mystical insights), realization and reunification, using the wisdom of the elements (- spectrum of their wisdom lights = our own true nature) and based on self - transcending love, can bring the wheel of rebirth to a stillstand and should consequently end in fearlessness, nondualistic understanding, unity and the rainbow of enlightment.


SAME SEX RESEARCH / SSR:Statistical research about homo- and bisexuality (male/female) as well as perverted sexual behaviour, prostitution (female/male), extreme forms of heterosexuality. A cooperation in sending anonymous data of your own data collection is very much welcome. Please note the source (pers. statement, B.C., parents, etc.) and mention if you want data in exchange (-concerning the same subject). Email: taeger@iol.ie

LIFE RHYTHM RESEARCH (Night Owl / Early Bird) / LRR:  Statistical research why there are day- and night orientated human beings and why there is a time alterated rhythm in 10% of the world population (- like in the animal and plant world). Newest REM-Research verified this fact. Please cooperate in sending anonymous data of your own data collection for this very important project. (- with sources, remarks etc./-see title in the index). At this stage we dont have exchange data available. Email:taeger@iol.ie

RESEARCH PROJECT ASTROLOGERS / RPA ('World Encyclopedia of Astrologers'):  This project has 2 main goals: 1. Building up a comprehensive collection of historical as well as contemporary astrologers (including biographical information). 2. To find out whether there are astrological factors which allow astrologers to feel and understand esoteric energies easier than ordinary people do. Please help us with this world-project. Exchange data of German astrologers are available. Email: taeger@iol.ie

Empowerment in 8-armed Green Tara, given by Tenga Tulku , 1982 (Click for Enlargement)

BUDDHISM: Special interests: Research on the snake- and dragon archetype (also a book project); analogies between Shamanism, Hindu tantra and Buddhist tantra; correlations between cosmologies and scientific concepts of the world as well as between mandala archetypes and birth chart; analogies between kundalini energies and electromagnetism, as well as between sound, light and form; interlinks between psychedelics, meditation, astrology, enlightment; effects and hidden meanings of rituals; Maitreya: spiritual teacher or state of collective consciousness?; analogies between astrology and tantra; development of wisdom through White Tara (Kriya-Tantra), Manjushri, Vajrapani (Mahayoga Tantra), Guhyasamaja, Yamantaka, Green Tara, Vajrakila, Amoghasiddhi (Anuttara-Tantra). Protector deities: Yamantaka, Nagaradja.

HOBBIES:  Eastern art, fractal art, color therapy, psychedelic research, experimental music (psychedelic, space, ambiant, trance, meditation, new age), science, global thinking (Zeitgeist), fantasy- and SF-literature, garden design, the Irish way of life. Taeger also has a comprehensive Tibetan art collection.

FUTURE PROJECTS: (Wishful thinking) - Revision of the Astro - Brain computer software; working on a video series ("Glenview Talks") in which Taeger wants to present his understanding of Buddhism and astrology in an unconventional way; projects concerning experimental music, based on the spriritual concepts of tantric and astroenergetic insights (-any musicians interested?); book project on the six (7) elements or aggregates water, earth, fire, air, ether, primordial, mahamudra and their interactions; temporary resumption of lecture tours; preparation for a second 2-3 years meditation-retreat in further future...

HANS - HINRICH TAEGER and THOMAS SIEGFRIED are chairmen of the Institute for Astroenergetic Studies (IAS). Our 2 Lhasa Apsos Norbu (Black) and Dorje (White) - Click for Enlargement Taeger is international vice president (Germany) of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), approved astrologer of the DAV (Deutscher Astrologenverband),  member of the Astrological Association (AA), Astrol. Lodge of London, Irish Astrological Association (IAA), National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA), the Association of Professional Astrologers (APA) as well as foundation - member of the Association of Professional Data Collectors (APDC), which he left in July 1998 as chairman and member. - Taeger is also an authorized teacher of the Gelugpa- and Kagyu tradition (Tibetan  Buddhism).
Copyrights © : Hans-Hinrich Taeger (1998/99)  -  Reprints welcome.

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