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Green Tara..(Dölma)
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- dTam -
Green Tara (Dölma) embodies the female wisdom activity of the mind and is basically an emanation of the air-element (Amoghasiddhi Buddha). In some lower tantras of the fire-element (Buddha Amithaba). She is also called 'Mother of All Buddhas' and has many peaceful and wrathful emanation forms.  Results of the Green Tara meditation are e.g. quick thinking and according wisdom-reaction, generousity, magical perfection, fearlessness and spontaneity to reach a quick karmic completion. Her attributes are lightblue upala-flowers (paeonias). She is adorned with jewels and precious cloth, sitting on a white moon-disk. Her right leg is outside the lotus flower, which symbolizes her continous activity, alertness and her determination for quick active help. Her hands are in the gesture of granting protection and freeing from fears. Her short mantra is OM TARE TUTARE TURE SVAHA.and her seed-syllable is dTAM. She was a main meditation deity of Ven. Kalu Rinpoche.

- see 8-armed, wrathful Green Tara.& the air-element
- see Hans.during a Tara initiation
- see Amoghasiddhi.(in his bodhisattva-form)
- see Karmasattva
- Painted by Andy Weber.-
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