Skyblue Manjushri
- painted for Champa Legshe in Dharamsala, 1982 (Taeger-Collection)
Manjushri (Jamyang) is the manifestation of the highest wisdom-knowledge of enlightenment and the highest ranking bodhisattva-aspect in Tibetan Buddhism. According to the elements he can appear in all kind of colors (like blue for the highest wisdom-knowledge of the water element, green for the highest wisdom-knowledge of the air element etc.). Very popular forms are the orange and the white Manjushri. He can also emanate in various wrathful forms like Yamantaka. Manjushri is the patron of Astrology and all esoteric sciences (- an Eastern version of Mercury in his function as Hermes Trismegistos). The book on his left shoulder symbolizes that his mind holds the complete philosophical- and tantric wisdom-knowledge of the universe. The flaming wisdom-sword in his right hand demonstrates, that he uses this knowledge to free the deluded mind from karmic bondages and illusions. His most popular mantra or magic invocation is OM AH RA PA TZA NA DHI (seed-syllable DHI). The Buddha family he is most associated with is the Vajra family (water element). - The meditation instructions on the sky-blue Manjushri (possibly a spontaneous manifestation of the mahamudra-state of mind) seems to have become extinct. But there was a tradition in the Middle Ages, as described in Tsongkhapa's biography. Following many visions and mystical experiences with this special form of Manjushri, Hans (Champa Legshe), asked a thangka painter to do this little painting. The way Manjushri is shown here does not match Hans' visions (e.g. completely transparent, hands in the teachings mudra, book & sword as a tiny attributes on the right shoulder, surrounded by a very subtle golden aura, manifesting in a lightblue emptiness...). But this would have been too complicated to explain to the thangka artist ;-) and beyond the craft of thangka painting. A better medium would be a laser-hologram. -
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