Champa Legshe during an initiation
- in the Mandala.of the 8-armed Green Tara, by Ven. Tenga Tulku in 1982
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- Buddha Amoghasiddhi (Damtzig Dorje), embraced by Green Tara / CLICKI received a lot of high empowerments from many outstanding and realized teachers. But it was a great gesture of my guru, retreat-master and friend for so many years, Tenga Tulku, to grant me this very rare empowerment of the wrathful 8-armed Green Tara and the Buddha of the air-element, Amoghasiddhi (see image beside: Amoghasiddhi in his bodhisattva form, according to the Guhyasamaja Tantra). He gave this initiation to my surprise, having kept in mind that I asked for this tantra in 1976. Without letting me know, he searched for this difficult to find tantra text for many years and did a lot of preparations for this event. I received this initiation just after having finished my 2 1/2 year Buddhist retreat, and shortly before I left Germany to become a permanent resident in Ireland. At this occasion he initiated also all my students, who passed their examinations as 'Astroenergetic Counsellors'.  For me it was the official end of leading an astrological school and Buddhist centre for 13 years, and the start for a more remote and silent life in Donegal.
- For more detailed informations on this tantra, as well as on Amoghasiddhi & the air-element click.Amoghasiddhi, Green Tara pics or Champa Legshe/Hans.
- Click also peaceful Green Tara,.Damtzig Dorje,.Karmasattva
- Click here to read Tenga's bio, here for a photo and here to visit his website.
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